If you Can’t Click Anything on Window 10/11! How to Fix it?

In some cases, the users cannot click anything on Window 10 and 11. This issue occurs when drivers are damaged or missing. In this blog, you will read the method to fix Can’t Click Anything on Window 10/11. For help, the user can go to office.com/myaccount.

Method to Fix If you Can’t Click Anything on Window 10/11:

1. Restart Explorer.exe process:

First, you should tap on Ctrl + Shift + Esc key to open the Task Manager. Or, you can hit on Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete altogether and then visit to the Task Manager by using Tab key and then hit on Enter key. Now in the Task Manager, you should hit on Tab key till one process is selected. At this point, you should use the Down Arrow key in your keyboard just to select Windows Explorer. If the right-click is not working, then you should use Shift + F10 key to open context menu. Here, you should use the Down Arrow key and then choose End Task and press Enter. When the explorer.exe procedure is killed, then you will view a black screen for short period. The user should tap on Windows Key + R together and then write explorer.exe and press Enter key. This procedure will relaunch your Windows Explorer. At the end, you should use mouse to click anything and check if the issue is solved or not.

2. Check your Keyboard for Issues:

If your keyboard keys are faulty, then it will stop the mouse from performing actions like right-click and left-click. The user should check if the keyboard keys are broken or if it is pressed without your knowledge. Just check if the keys are working fine. You should unplug the keyboard and then restart your system to check if the mouse and keyboard keys work.

3. Check for Pending Windows Updates:

To check the Window Updates, you should tap on Windows key in your keyboard and then write update. The user should use the Arrow key and scroll down to Check for updates and press Enter key. Now in the Windows Update section, you should use the Tab key. Here, you should choose Download updates and press Enter key. At last, Windows will download the pending Windows 10 updates.

4. Check Mouse and Third-party Software:

You should unplug your mouse and then connect a secondary mouse to your PC. Now, you should right-tap on desktop and then verify if the secondary mouse is working.

Check Third-party Software:

If the user has recently installed third-party software in order to customize a mouse or keyboard. In this situation, from the Task Manager you should close the apps or other customization software. At the end, you should disconnect and reconnect the mouse and then check if the issue is fixed.

With this procedure, the user can easily fix the issue of Can’t Click on Window 10 & 11. If the user needs help, then go to office.com/myaccount.

How You Can Use Network Speed Monitor in Window 11?

The user can add a network speed monitor in order to get real time download and upload speed information in the computer. In this blog, you will read the method to use Network Speed Monitor in Window 11. For assistance, go to Www.office.com/myaccount.

Method To Use Network Speed Monitor in Window 11:

1. Get Net Speed Meter:

For this, you should sign in to your Microsoft account in order to download a UWP app from MS Store. In case, you don’t have account, then you should set one account from the Microsoft account page. After this, you need to tap on Start button in Windows 11’s taskbar. Here, you should choose Microsoft Store app on the Start menu in order to open it. Next in the MS Store’s search box, you should write Net Speed Meter. Now, you need to choose the Net Speed Meter in the search results. Then, you should tap on Get button for Net Speed Meter in order to install it. When it is installed, then on the Net Speed page you should tap on the Open button.

The user should choose the Yes option, if it asked to keep Net Speed Meter on the taskbar. Now, you will view Net Speed Meter on the desktop. After this, you should drag the meter around the computer by left-hitting on it and by pressing the left mouse button. If you want to add that speed meter to the taskbar, then right-tap on it and then chooses the Keep in Taskbar button. At this point, the user can customize Net Speed Meter just by right-tapping on it and then choose Setting. Here, you need to change the options according to the requirement. For more information, you should right-tap on Net Speed Meter and then choose the How to use option.

2. Get 8GadgetPack:

For this, you should tapon the Download button which is on the 8GadgetPack webpage. After this,you should tap on the File Explorer taskbar button. Now, you need to open the folder which includes the 8GadgetPack setup wizard. At this point, you should double-hit on 8GadgetPackSetup in order to open the installer window. The user should tap on the Install button which is on the 8GadgetPack Setup window. Next, you need to choose the Show gadgets when setup exits checkbox. At last, you need to tap on Finish button. And you will view the 8GadetPack sidebar will open on the right side of the screen of Windows 11 desktop.

3. Add Network Meter to sidebar:

For this, you should right-tap on the sidebar and then choose Add gadgets. After this, you should double-hit on Network Meter on the third page of the gadget list in order to add it to the sidebar. If you want to configure the Network Meter, then right-tap on its sidebar gadget and then choose Options. Here, you should choose the Display tab. The user can add or remove details of the gadget which appears by choosing the ON or OFF drop-down menu options. If you want to change the gadget’s colors, then choose the Color tab. At last, tap on the codes there in order to open color palettes.

Through this way, you can use Network Speed Monitor in Window 11. For more info, visit to office.com/myaccount.