How to Set up Microsoft Team for Mac?

The Microsoft Team is the perfect application of Microsoft Office which is designed by Microsoft. Through this app, you can work remotely and can stay connected with your colleagues through text, voice, video chat and file sharing. You can enjoy this application by installing MS Office in your device through You can use this application on Mac, Computer, Laptop, and Android Phones. In this blog, you will learn how to install and set up Microsoft Teams for Mac.

Download Microsoft Teams for Mac OS:

For this, first you have to go to Microsoft’s website and then you have to select the Download link from the main navigation. After this, you have to click on the Download for Desktop button. At last, you just have to click on the Download Teams button.

Install Microsoft Teams on Mac OS:

Here, the first screen of the installer gives you a simple introduction message. Then, you have to click on Continue button to move ahead. In the next screen, you will see how much disk space it will use, and then it will ask for the confirmation on where to install it. In case, you are using a standard drive layout then it will offer you to install on your main disk. But if you have more than one drive, then you should click on Change Install Location just to choose your specific location. Otherwise, you should click on Install to kick off the process. Before it will install anything, it will ask for an administrator password. Then you should enter it, and then you have to click on Install Software. Here, you will see the installer will begin copying files. When the process complete, then you will receive a success message. Now, you should click on Close option to quit the installer. When the installation process finish, then you have to launch Teams from the Applications folder.

Set up Microsoft Teams on Mac OS:

After launching Teams, then you have to log in with a Microsoft account. This can be a personal account, or your company account.After login, you can tune the app to your liking just by clicking on the upper-right side of the screen. Now, you have to click on Settings option. Here, you will see the dialog box where you can adjust the following options which are listed below:

General: In this you can adjust theme, start-up behavior, and language.

Privacy:  This will allow you to contact with certain people even you are in Do Not Disturb mode.

Notifications: You can Enable or disable the notifications Teams.

Devices: You can test devices like your speakers, microphone, and camera.

Calls:  You can also set the options like voicemail and call forwarding on this screen.

This method will help you to install and setup Microsoft Team on Mac OS. But in case, you need any help then you can call the customer care executive of Microsoft Office. For details, just go the site through

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