How to Resolve If Outlook Search is Not Working?

Outlook search function is very important and the helpful tool of MS Office. It helps the users to search for specific information in an email message, like the sender, date, folder where it is saved, or also the keywords using Outlook-specific search. But sometimes users face the issue Outlook search function isn’t working. Hence, in this blog you will read the solution to fix Outlook Search is not working. But if you want technical support then you can contact to the expert of Microsoft Office team via

Outlook search not working is basically due to an outdated program, an indexing error, and also because of some other problem. This issue can be fixed by updating MS Office, fixing the indexing error and also by repairing Outlook.

Solution To Fix Outlook Search Is Not Working:

  1. Update Microsoft Office: Out-of-date software cause many problems. Hence, updating Outlook may solve the issue of search function. So, you should check for available updates in Outlook. For this, you should start Outlook. And then you have to select File. Now, you should select Office Account. After this, you have to select Update Options under Product Information. Then, you have to select Enable Updates if this option is available. At last, you should select Update Now.
  2. Fix Indexing Error in Outlook: For this, you should start Outlook. And then you have to click in the Search box just to activate the Search Tools tab. After this, you should select the Search Tools drop-down in the Options group and then just select Indexing Status. Here, you will see a message which states that, Outlook has finished indexing all of your items. 0 items remaining to be indexed. In case, there are items left which need to be indexed, then you should wait for five minutes and then again try it. This method will fix the issue but in case, the problem is still there then you should move to the next step.
  3. Repair Outlook: For this, fist you should close all Microsoft Office applications. Then, you have to type Apps & Features in the Windows search box. After this, you have to select Apps & Features. Now, you have to find and click on Microsoft Office which is there in the list of installed apps and features. Here, you have to select Modify option. Then, you have to select Quick Repair or Online Repair and then just select the Repair button. At the end, you have to restart Outlook when the repair procedure is finished.

The above method will help you to solve Outlook Search Not Working issue. In case the users need any technical support for fixing the error then they can anytime contact to the customer care of MS Office. The experts are experienced and always available to solve the queries of the user. If the users need more information, then they can visit to the official site of MS Office through

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