How to Use Access Input Forms to Enter and Modify Data?

Microsoft Access is the easy to use tool and developed by Microsoft. It is the application of Microsoft Office and used for analyzing the large amount of information in the more efficient manner than in Excel. This tool is used for homes as well for businesses. You can design tables, forms and complex queries through MS Access. You can install this application of MS Office through This is the trusted software which consists of many apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook etc. This software nowadays considered to the universal software because you can access its files and document anywhere anytime. It increases the productivity of the computer user and made the complex work easier. In this article, you will read how you can use Access Input Forms to Enter and Modify data.

Create Tables in Access:

First you have to create tables in Access before creating an Access Input Form. For building your table in Access, you have to create a new database in Access. Then you have to select Click to add, and just add five fields. You have to make one short text, one long text, one large number, one short text and two currency fields. After this, you have to right click on each field, and then you have to select Rename Field. Now you have to type the new field name. Like you have to name each field- Salesperson Name, Address, Phone Number, Month, Sales, and Expenses etc.  After renaming field, your table is ready for data.

Create An Access Input Form:

For this, first you have to select Create in the menu, and then just select Form Wizard. After this, you have to select the >> button just to select all fields in the table. Now you have to select the Next option to continue. Here you have to choose the form layout which you like for your form, Justified will be better. Then you have to select the Next option to continue. Now you have to give the form a title. After this, choose the option open the form in data-entry mode or layout mode. Now just select the Finish button.

How The Form Works?

You have to use the > and < buttons just to move forward and backward through the record set. The > button will creates a new record just at the end of the current record set. And the Search field helps you to find the items in your table. You can use Go To which is in the Home menu just to go back and forth in the table records.

Access Input Form For Data Entry:

When you have the form created for your table, then you have to start entering the data. You just have to insert data into one field, you can just have to select Tab on the keyboard to move to the next field. You can also use your new Access input form just to enter a few records in your table. Just by entering form data and pressing tab, you can enter many records in the table.

Modify Table Data:

For this you have to scroll back and forth through records using this < or > icons, or you can also use the Search field to search the data. After this, you have to select Save in the Records group in the Home menu. You can use this > icon with a star to enter a new record. When you have sufficient data, you can start adding and linking new tables. You can also create useful reports.

By this way, you can use Access Input Forms to enter and Modify Data. For details, you can visit to the site of MS Office Setup via

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