How to Write A Story Using PowerPoint Story Templates?

You can develop the writing and storytelling skills of the students by using PowerPoint Story writing templates. And you can use the simple or complex PowerPoint Story templates according to the age of the child. Microsoft PowerPoint is the amazing application of MS Office which you can install in your device through You can use this application on Widow OS, Mac, Computer, Laptop and Android Phones. With the help of this application, you can quickly create, edit, view and share your presentation with your colleagues. This application is used in offices, schools and homes etc. You can use audio, video and images in the presentation so that it has a great visual impact on the audience. PowerPoint is the great application which enhances the learning and teaching experience of both student and staff. In this blog, you will write a story using PowerPoint Story Templates.

Write A Story Using PowerPoint Story

When the students write a story, they first have to choose a template from PowerPoint’s template menu according to their story. Then, on the first slide they have to add the story title and name. There are many PowerPoint templates which are available on the internet like you can see the templates which are presented by Graphic Mama as it has over 50 free cartoon style PowerPoint templates. Students should choose the template which inspires their story.

  1. Add or Change the Background Color: When you are working with PowerPoint templates, you can select a solid color, a gradient fill, a pattern fill, or you can use your own picture by selecting Design and then you should click on Format Background.
  2. Change the Font Style, Size, and Color: When you change the background color of the slides, then you should change the font style, size or color, according to the theme of the story. Through this way, you can read the slides easily. Here, you should select Home and then view in the Font group to find this text formatting options.
  3. Add Clip Art and Pictures: You should add Clip Art and pictures to your story as this will makes the story more interactive. You can add your own digital or scanned photos; you can search for clip art images on the internet, or can also add shapes and icons. If you want to add a picture, you have to select Insert option and then choose an option in the Images or Illustrations group.
  4. Modify Slides in the Story: You can modify the slide so that it looks better. Here, you can move and resize the slide items like pictures, graphics, or text objects.
  5. Add, Delete or Rearrange Slides: You can easily add, delete, or rearrange slides in a presentation. According to the story, you can rearrange the order of the slides, or you can add new slide, or just delete slides which you don’t want.
  6. Add Transitions to a Story: You can add the same transition to all slides or you can use different transition on every slide just add visual appeal and easily hold the audience interest. For this, you should Select Transitions to view the PowerPoint’s built-in transitions.
  7. Add Music, Sounds, and Narration: You can add sounds, music, or narrations to the story to capture the attention of the audience. You can improve your reading skills by narrating a story. Here, you should Select Insert and then look in the Media group to get started.
  8. Animate Objects on Slides: You can also maintain an audience’s interest by animating objects. PowerPoint has built-in animations which appear on the page, fade-out, swivel, bounce, darken, lighten, and change colors. For this, you should Select Animations just to find these built-in motions.

Through this way Students can write a story using PowerPoint Story Template. For details, just visit to the site via