If Filter is not Working in Excel! How to fix it?

If your Filter function is not working in Excel, then you don’t have to worry about it. In this blog, you will read the solution if filter is not working in Excel. But if you want technical support, then you can anytime contact to the expert of Microsoft Office through www.office.com/setup.

Solution To Fix If Filter is Not Working in Excel : office.com/setup

 1. Excel Filter Not Working With Blank Rows:

 The biggest problem with Excel filter function is that it does not work with the blank rows. It doesn’t count the cells with the first blank spaces. To fix this, you just have to select the data which you want to filter out. Then from the “data” tab, you should select the “Filter” option. Here, all the items are visible in the filter checkbox list. After this, you just choose the cell ranges or multiple columns before you use the filter function.

2. Proper Selection Of Data:

If you want to remove the blank rows from the selected filter area. For this, first you should turn on the filter and then you have to click on the drop-down arrow which is there in any columns just to show the filter list. You just have to remove the check sign. And in the bottom of the filter list, you just choose the ‘(Blanks)’ option and click on OK. Now, the blank rows will display on your computer screen. Remember, the row number of each blank row displays in blue color. To delete these blank rows, you should select these rows first and just right-click on the blue color row number. At last, you have to select the Delete option to delete the select blank rows. After turning off the filter, you can now see the rows are removed.

3. Check The Column Headings:

First, you should check the data which contains only one row of column headings. If you want multiple lines for the heading, then in the cell you should type the first line. Now, you have to press “ALT + ENTER” option just for typing in the new line of the cell. Remember, the Wrap Text function works properly in formatting the cells.

4. Check For Merged Cell:

Excel Filter Function will not work if you have merged cell in the spreadsheet. To unmerge the cells, you should go to the Home tab and then go to the Alignment group. After this, you should click the down arrow which is there across Merge & Center and then you have to choose the Unmerge Cells option.

5. Check For Errors:

You should check that your data does not have any error because it can damage your Excel application to apply filters. To remove the errors, you should use the filters to fetch them. Normally, they are listed at the bottom of the list so just scroll down. After this, just choose the error and then click on the OK button. When you locate the error, just fix it or delete it and then just clear up the filter.

The above methods will you to fix the issue if Filter is not working in Excel. To know more, just go to the site of MS Office through office.com/setup. You can also call the expert of Microsoft team anytime from anywhere for assistance.

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