What are the Tips to Repair and Recover XLS/XLSX File?

If the user is facing problem in recovering corrupt XLS files then you should read this blog. In this, you will get the tips to repair and recover all your corrupt XLS files in the easy way. In case, you need support then you can contact to the expert of Microsoft Office through www.office.com/setup.

Solution To Fix XLS/XLSX File : office.com/setup

 1: Run Excel Inbuilt Tool “Open and Repair”:

You should click on “Open” option in the File Menu. Now from the list, you have to select corrupted XLSX file. Here, from the drop-down list of the “Open” tab,  you have to select “Open and Repair”. At last, you should click on the “repair” button just to repair the Excel file.

2: Use Microsoft Office Tools:

 For this, you have to go to Start menu and then just select All Programs. After this, you should select Microsoft Office and then choose Microsoft Office Tools. Now, you have to select Microsoft Office Application Recovery. From the dialog box, you have to choose Microsoft Office Excel. Here, you have to click on Recover Application.  This will take few minutes. After this, you have to respond the message Send Report To Microsoft prompt. Here, the recovery tool will close Excel file and you have to restart it. Now, it displays a list of recovered corrupted XLSX files.

3: Recover Data Only:

First, you have to click on File option and then select Open option. After this, you have to move to the folder which contains corrupted XLSX file. Here, you have to right-click on the corrupted XLS file name and then just click on Copy option and after this, press on Cancel option. At this point, you have to click on File button and then select New option. Here, under New option, you have to select Blank workbook. After this, you have to select corrupted XLSX. Now, in the Update Values dialogue, you have to click on OK button. Then, you have to select the sheet in select Sheet dialogue and after this, just click on OK button. Here, you have to choose the cell and then click on Home option and choose Copy option. You should select the area of the data in the original workbook. After this, you should click on Home and then choose Paste option. Then, just click on Home option and then select Copy again. At last, you have to click on Home option and then on the below arrow Paste and then click on Values under Paste Values.

4. Restore Lost Excel From Recycle Bin:

For this, just go to the Recycle Bin folder and then you have to search for your deleted xlsx/xls files. When you get it, just right-click on it and then choose the Restore option. Now, your deleted xlsx/xls file will be restored in the original location from where it was deleted.

5. Recover Xlsx/Xls file From .Tmp Folder:

First, you should search for the temp files which have the same name as your lost Excel file with the .tmp extension. In case, you are a Windows 10/8/8.1 users then you should search in this location:


In case, you are a Windows 7/XP users then you have to search in this location:


You should search for the temporary Excel files which starts with special characters “~” or “$” and end with extension “.TMP”. When you get the temporary Excel file then just copy it and save it to another safe location. Remember to change the extension of .TMP to .XLSX or .XLS.

The above method will help you to repair and recover XLS/XLSX file. In case, you need any kind of help or support then you can contact to the expert of MS Office via www.office.com/setup.