Use of Diagnostics Tool to test the issues in MS Office Software

As we all know, Microsoft provides many products and services to the users including MS Office. Microsoft provides the latest tools to design and edit documents in Word, design professional presentations in PowerPoint, do complicated calculations in Excel, and give high productivity by MS Office.

But sometimes users have the problem using MS Office Software. Whether any technical difficulty happens with you in your MS office suite of any version then you can dial the toll-free number or visit and get the best resolution within a minute from Microsoft Certified Experts online.

Microsoft office support is available for all MS office software versions like MS Office 2007, MS Office 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016, Office 365, etc and MS office 2017 is the latest software of MS Office which is one of the MS Window’s parts. It is a replacement to MS Office 2016 and covers excellent and extended file formats, unique touch options, and care for all Windows RT devices, Sky Drive, Skype, Outlook, Flick, Yammer, and more. Also, MS Office 365 gives fast and easy access and many interesting characteristics.

Microsoft Diagnostics tool to fix this all issues:

The Microsoft Diagnostic Tool is used to analyze Office application problems. This tool is created especially for the technical issue. It automatically diagnoses the trouble and fixes it. Microsoft Diagnostic Tool has capabilities to scan difficulties in the application and give direct resolution options. If the fault continues, please call MS office support team as MS Office experts will fix your error and will lead you simply by remote access support.

Setup Diagnostics: This characteristic examines installation files and registry settings. It also monitors for viruses and improper installation. Sometimes it delayed application execution due to file corruption or hardware crash. As per the complexity of the issues, this tool may take time. If you require urgent guidance, dial MS Office support toll-free number or go to

Disk Diagnostics: This tool is used to test the hard disk for complex difficulties. It reviews the problems in the Windows system event log to assure the hard disk is operating correctly. Hence immediate vibration generated by power surges may corrupt the hard disk capacity. The diagnostic tool will fix the hard disk and locate the corrupted data file. Eventually, you can simply remove these corrupted files and resolve the dilemma quickly. Visit and get help from our technical specialists.

Compatibility Diagnostics: This will diagnose various versions of MS Office software available on your device. Incompatible versions that may create issues must be eliminated. For example, if 2 distinct versions of MS Outlook are installed on the same device, the device vulnerability rises.

People who do not know how to get the Microsoft Office assistance can visit They will resolve any technical problems with your MS Office software and they will give personal technical support to fix any required dilemmas they face. If you have any technical dilemma with installing or configuring your software or others, then you can contact MS Office support team and let Microsoft Office specialists solve your problems.

MS Office Support team gives support and services to all clients who use their products at MS Office Customer Service and Support can support you with all Microsoft products and services. In this situation, an MS Office representative will support you find the proper sources or team to solve the problem.

MS Office technical support team will give support to each issue either small or complex. So you can obtain the proper experts to solve the technical support problems you may be suffering. Call, Email, Chat or visit setup.

Solutions to the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Error Code 30126-4

What is Microsoft Office Error Code 30126-4?

Microsoft Office Error Code 30126-4 largely happens when you decided to install MS office from and it continually gets failed. Microsoft Office Error Code 30126-4 may generate because of the following causes:

  • Some of the Microsoft Office system files may get damage
  • The earlier installation had not uninstalled correctly
  • Windows Firewall does not support access to the network
  • Damaged Setup file or you may download the wrong file
  • Temporary, logs or junk files in your device
  • Windows update or driver update issues

To fix MS Office 365 Error 30126-4 you have to follow below steps properly. Or Contact MS Office support team at

Steps to resolve Microsoft Office ProPlus 365 Error Code 30126-4:

Whenever if you attempting to install MS office ProPlus 365 latest version and you retain receiving error 30126-4 it indicates that you haven’t installed previous office 365 accurately or your MS office setup files got damaged.

  1. Repair your Office app
  • Error Code 30126-4 will be fixed if the Office repair tool restores all the damaged system files. So follow the below steps to run repair tool to resolve the error code 30126-4.
  • From Start Menu, open the control panel >> Programs >> Programs and Features
  • Then find the MS Office software there and click on change
  • Choose Quick Repair and press on Repair.
  • If Quick Repair cannot resolve the Error Code 30126-4, choose Online Repair and press on Repair.

If this doesn’t work then either contact MS Office support team at or follow the below steps.

  1. Remove and Reinstall MS Office
  • In case if the MS Office Error Code 30126-4 continues even after running Office repair tool, remove MS Office from your device once and reinstall it again.
  • From Start Menu, Open Control Panel >> Programs >> Programs and Features
  • Find MS Office software and then click on Remove.
  • Wait till the process finish and reboot your device.

Now you can again install MS Office online from as per their guideline available there.

If MS Office Error code 30126-4 still exists then you have to remove MS Office fully from your device manually using below method.

  1. Remove MS Office manually
  • Delete the Windows Installer suite
    • In your device, search the MS Office 16 installation folder generally available at C:\Program Files\ and delete it.
  • Delete the MS Office recorded works
    • From the start menu, start the command prompt as an administrator
    • and enter the below commands one by one
    • exe /delete /tn “\Microsoft\Office\Office Automatic Updates”
    • exe /delete /tn “\Microsoft\Office\Office Subscription Maintenance”
    • exe /delete /tn “\Microsoft\Office\Office Click To Run Service Monitor”
  • Close all Click-to-Run tasks from the taskbar
    • Open Process tab from Task Manager
    • And check If any .exe or setup*.exe processes are going on, then right-click on each one, and then End each of them one by one.
  • Remove all the MS Office related files
    • Open the Run window and type %ProgramFiles% and press on the Enter key
    • and Delete the folders
    • Then type %ProgramFiles(x86)%, and then press Enter key
    • Delete the Microsoft Office folder
  • Remove some of the Office registry entries
    • Start Registry Editor, remove the following registry entries:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\ClickToRun
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office
    • and then remove the MS Office key
  • Remove the Menu Shortcuts
    • From start menu type cmd and open Command Prompt window as an administrator.
    • Type %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs, click on Enter button
    • And remove the Microsoft Office 2016 Tools folder from there

Now you can again install and download MS Office setup from and follow all the steps carefully of installation. MS Office Error 30126-4 defiantly now fixed but if you has any other issues then contact MS Office support team.

Microsoft Blocks Embedding SettingContent-ms Files in Office 365 Docs

The Microsoft team has refreshed the list of harmful files it blocks inside the Microsoft Office 365 records and has included the “.SettingContent-ms” file format to the list. Stay updated with Microsoft’s updates and get solutions of all your issues and also get news about new features of the latest releases. Visit to get further information.

The SettingContent-ms file format is an extraordinary “shortcut” file that opens Microsoft’s new Windows Settings board that it propelled with the arrival of Windows 8 and which is included essentially in Windows 10 over the old Control Panel system.

Malware creators were exploring different avenues regarding SettingContent-ms files

Microsoft took the choice to block SettingContent-ms records inside the MS Office 365 after a security specialist distributed a report in June indicating how somebody could install these documents inside the Microsoft Office documents and accomplish remote code execution on Windows 10.

Malware creators didn’t stand inactively and have been trying different things with the procedure for as long as the month, but no genuine malspam crusade has utilized it up to this point.

In any case, Microsoft’s Office 365 group would not like to remain by and sit tight for one to have the spot. This week, the organization’s specialists updated the Packager Activation list.

The Packager Activation list is a combination of “malicious files” that Microsoft blocks users from installing in the Microsoft Office files by means of the Object Linking and Embedding feature.

This checklist presently incorporates 108 “dangerous” file extensions. Other than ContentSetting-ms, the list likewise contains a great file format, for example, CHM, EXE, HTA, JS, MSI, VBS, WSF, and all the diverse PowerShell Extensions. On the off chance that clients open a Word record containing an OLE protest that endeavors to run one of these pernicious document composes, a blunder like the accompanying will show up on the client’s screen.

OLE blocked message

The Microsoft “Packager Activation in Microsoft Office 365 desktop applications” FAQ page incorporates data on how somebody can modify this rundown and evacuate extensions or include more.

The change will in all probability stream down to

Verifiably, has blocked email file attachments utilizing a similar list MS Office has used to block OLE initiation.

This implies malware creators won’t have the capacity to send SettingContent-ms records to clients too. In any case, most email connections that convey malware these days are never sent free, and the malignant records are quite often covered up in twofold zipped or secret key secured files.

The Packager Activation list for the Microsoft Office 365 can likewise be ported to more established MS Office renditions utilizing a registry key system. If you need more details then you can visit guide of Microsoft Office 365, can visit or you can contact Microsoft question-answer forum. You will surely get the detailed information.

Microsoft is always the best in providing an awesome customer support and offering an amazing user experience with quality products, user friendly navigation and very useful features.

Microsoft Office: Everything you have to know

Need to unlock MS Office’s maximum capacity? Learn all you have to think about Microsoft’s profitability suite here!

What’s new in MS Office?

April 10, 2018 – Update conveys compatibility with the Files application to MS Office for iOS.

Recently, Microsoft refreshed its Office suite of applications for iOS, bringing Word, PowerPoint and Excel all up to version 2.12. Despite the fact that Microsoft didn’t launch nitty gritty refresh takes note of, a report by Ryan Christoffel at MacStories uncovered that Twitter client Teddy Svoronos found a choice that enables clients to open their documents from their local Files application straightforwardly into their preferred Office application. You can visit for details

As indicated by Christoffel, this element replaces the past “Copy to” highlight, streamlining the process of opening a report in any of Microsoft’s Office applications.

Christoffel additionally went ahead to do some testing of his own, and discovered that the “Open in” encounter works somewhat better for .docx records than with different kinds of documents:

After seeing Teddy’s tweet, I completed a touch of playing around in the Files application and found that, while Excel and PowerPoint records got to in Files will stack Quick Look reviews and require tapping ‘Open in’ from the offer sheet, the experience is far and away superior with docx documents. Those Word-related records open straightforwardly in the Word application with only a solitary tap from the Files interface – no compelling reason to open the offer sheet first.

In any case, this is a noteworthy general change for MS Office applications and makes it substantially simpler for the individuals who utilize them to access and roll out improvements to their records rapidly. Presently you can go buck-wild on a few spreadsheets at whatever point the disposition strikes you, regardless of where you are.

What is Office?

Microsoft Office is a suite of apps created by Microsoft. It covers Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. You can get all the details regarding MS office from

What are the essential Microsoft Office applications?


Microsoft Word is a word processor you can use to create documents. In Word, you can compose papers, take notes, assemble list of references, make timetables, create handouts, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It has a worked in spelling and sentence structure adjustment highlight, and enables clients to include tables, insert pictures, and share documents. You can even export your manifestations as .doc, .pdf, .rtf, .htm, and .odt documents. Essentially, if there’s something you have to type something for basically any reason, Word is your most solid option.

MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application. It does programmed computations, brags graphing and information examination tools, and is presently the business standard for spreadsheets. Like in Word, you can likewise work together on Excel sheets.


In the event that you’ve been in school inside the last 20 or so years, you’ve without a doubt been made mindful of PowerPoint (and have presumably invested an abundant excess energy applying fun yet superfluous content and progress impacts to your slides). PowerPoint is a program that enables you to make your own introductions, complete with pictures, content, graphs, embeded video, speaker notes, and whatever else you feel is important to incorporate to truly express what is on your mind.


OneNote is fundamentally Microsoft’s inhabitant thought authority and coordinator. With OneNote, you can type, make tables, and embed pictures, connections, and diagrams, much like in a word processor. In any case, the huge contrast is that this content and media is absolutely untethered — you can put stuff anyplace you need on a page just by tapping on a spot. There are limitations in regards to page size, structure, or arrangement.


Microsoft OneDrive is an Office-specific storage and record sharing offer that makes it less demanding to work together with partners, companions, and any other individual you may need as a colleague. With OneDrive, you can store documents in the cloud and access them from different gadgets and in addition share records and organizers either openly or with particularly chose people.


Outlook is Microsoft’s email and planning program. It offers basically all that you’d anticipate that an email service will offer, but since it’s a piece of the Office suite you get a more bound together involvement while utilizing it than you would utilize simply utilizing a web customer for email correspondence.

If you need any further details then you can contact Microsoft support center or can open

Excel Templates Help Small Businesses to Review Their Finances

July 3, 2018 – Release. Microsoft Office has released new Excel templates for small businesses. These templates will help small businesses to grow their businesses. Microsoft always provides an amazing user experience to their users. They love to support their customers for any small bugs and they always provide a detailed step by step.

The difficulties that business visionaries regularly bear with regards to maintaining their organizations can be considerable. In any case, it is through the Biz Excel Templates site by LifestyleCPA that such business visionaries can make sense of their numbers and keep their organizations composed.

The Biz Excel Templates site at is available to enable business people to comprehend their numbers and how they function. The site is giving individuals an unmistakable comprehension of what their organizations are doing and how they can settle issues inside their elements. You can get more information on

The extensive combination of business formats accessible incorporates a cost tracker layout that rundowns data on what is going on inside a business in view of what it is spending. Customized money related proclamation and undertaking benefit adding machines are accessible.

Item cost and budgeting templates are among the best learning formats business people can discover here. These incorporate layouts to enable individuals to see how costs are resolved and what they can do to sort out their funds.

The extensive combination of layouts can be utilized on any variant of the Microsoft Excel program. These templates are spread out to make it simpler for individuals to make sense of what they can do with their business finances and how they will keep the lights on in their professions among different contemplation. Contact if you need any guidance.

LifestyleCPA is putting forth this as methods for helping business people to make sense of where they are running with their organizations. As energizing as it can be to work one’s own particular business, the Small Business Administration likewise expresses that the excite is frequently fleeting. The SBA expresses that exclusive around 70 percent of new organizations will survive their initial two long stretches of the task. This frequently originates from an absence of monetary knowledge.

The Biz Excel Templates sites from LifestyleCPA is accessible to enable business people to comprehend their funds so they can settle on the most brilliant conceivable choices on what they can do with their cash. This is to enhance how a business can develop while decreasing the potential for a business to break apart and fizzle. Visit for more details and step by step information.

Business people intrigued by observing what they can escape their endeavors in maintaining their organizations can visit to take in more about what LifestyleCPA brings to the table. A way of life is likewise accessible online at

If you have any questions regarding Microsoft Biz templates and want more detailed information, you can contact check tutorials of Microsoft Office Excel. And if you are facing any problem or error, then you can contact Microsoft support center.

Update for Office 365 – June 2018

This article will cover a prompt overview of the Microsoft Office 365 for June 2018 updates. The initial step to making utilization of month to month or periodical updates is realizing that they exist. Updates just give new abilities to your software or make enhancements on the effectively existing ones. The test is in this manner having the information on how they function. In a business association, it would be a costly undertaking to lead representative preparing each time there is a refresh. Fortunately, Microsoft has effectively dealt with that. On May 21st it released the Microsoft Training Service, which is essentially a computerized redone benefit for Office 365 and Windows 10. Get more information on

The classes are intended to enable clients to find out about the new updates without financially affecting administration. The pre-pilot period of this program has been embraced by twenty-five associations to help use preparing which incorporates adjustable avant-garde content, right-sized encounters to an association’s needs, and utilization following. These new administrations by Microsoft will be accessible as a test pilot program in late July 2018. Be vigilant. Those intrigued need to enlist at Microsoft Training Services Pilot.

New MS Outlook Features:

Outlook includes crosswise over MAC, Windows, Web, and cell phones enable you to deal with your chance better. Finding an area for your gathering is made simple. When you go to MS Outlook, before writing your area, it gives you suggestions for proposals, for example, the last meeting, as of late utilized meeting rooms, and furthermore regular areas. When you begin to type in the area field, Outlook raises a suggestion of recommendations that are controlled by Bing and after that at long last finishes your area with important data including full locations for open areas.

This Outlook benefit is surprisingly better in the event that you are utilizing an iPhone Operating System since it will utilize your present area, your goal address, and activity updates to send you warnings on when you ought to be prepared to leave for your next gathering. This astonishing component will before long be coming to windows. Visit for more information.

Meeting Invitation Made Accessible

It is currently conceivable to know who has been welcomed and who is going to a specific meeting. Outlook enables you to see the followed reactions and RSVPs for meetings that you have been welcome to. Along these lines, it is simple for you to choose whether or not to go. Once in a while, two meetings may cover. Another person in your association may as of now be going. You can go to the next getting and afterward match up together with your partner later. This is essential as it sets aside a few minutes administration a considerably less demanding undertaking.

Time Zone

Outlook has included more highlights the Time Zone usefulness that will enable you to design meetings at ideal circumstances crosswise over various time zones. It is currently conceivable to show up to three time zones on your Windows calendar. Along these lines, you can perceive what is going on in different areas.

New Features in SharePoint and OneDrive

A few highlights were launched at the May SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas for both SharePoint and OneDrive. There were new enhancements on the inherent sweep include in OneDrive for the two iOS and Android mobiles. These are gotten to through the devoted symbol in the tab bar. That makes it simple to include pictures, comments, and even various pages to your OneDrive.

Presently it is conceivable to consequently upload videos and photographs caught on your camera come in transfer for Business OneDrive. There is additionally another extraordinary change that enables clients to require and set a secret word when you share an organizer with other individuals. This component fundamentally keeps others from getting to your documents if your expected beneficiary incidentally advances a connection. These new highlights presently enable you to prevent different clients from downloading records or archives shared through the view-just links.

Microsoft SharePoint Spaces

These are fundamentally immersive, blended reality encounters that empower clients to see and associate with content from each edge. Also, clients can picture and control information and item models progressively.

The Title Bar

It is presently simple to rapidly change your present document’s title, open the document’s area, share the document through an invitation link, and even access the document’s variant history by essentially tapping on the title banish and choosing the capacities from a drop-down menu.


Office 365 solutions guarantee that you recognize and oversee individual information, for example, the prevention of information misfortune and advanced information administration. The New Office 365 can recognize and ensure against security dangers. It enables clients to agree to the European Union Privacy law as of late authorized, the General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR).

To take in more about these supportive new changes, if you don’t mind visit: The Microsoft Blog. You can get more information on

Microsoft Office 2019 Commercial Preview for Mac Users Available Now

Microsoft has reported the business review of Office 2019 for Mac. It accompanies new highlights crosswise over Microsoft Office applications like PowerPoint and Word. The MS Office 2019 for Mac business update will take off close by the Office 2019 for Windows refresh at some point later in this year. The Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac incorporates Word, Outlook, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. The MS Office 2019 business see for Windows 10 clients was taken off in April this year, with highlights that are typically found in the organization’s Office 365 membership. Microsoft always tries their best to provide frequent updates with very useful new features which can provide the better user experience. They won customers’ heart by providing new features, constant updates and amazing & friendly support to the issues. You can get more details on

Office 2019 for Mac suggests new highlights for both the end clients and the IT department. New highlights include the wandering pencil case and ribbon customizations crosswise over Office applications. There’s additionally another concentration mode in MS Word that basically expels all the altering tools and other commotion to simply demonstrate the document on the laptop screen. It likewise accompanies a word interpreter, enhanced inking usefulness, customizable Microsoft Office ribbons and general availability changes.

New highlights in Excel incorporate channel graphs and 2D maps, and new Excel capacities like TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, SWITCH and IFS. PowerPoint gets another Morph progress include, 4K video support, play-in-click arrangement, enhanced meandering pencil case as said, and the capacity to embed and oversee symbols, SVG, and 3D models. In conclusion, Outlook gets @mentions include that we saw in Gmail as of late, there’s likewise a Focused Inbox, summary cards for movement and conveyance points of interest. A send later component has likewise been included that gives you a chance to postpone or plan conveyance of messages. Besides, there is the presentation of email templates, and read and conveyance receipts. If anyone is new in using MS Office packages, they can get a complete set up guidelines on

Microsoft likewise clarified in its blog, “the MS Office 2019 for Mac additionally incorporates highlights for IT that will help streamline arrangement and administration. Charge line apparatuses will permit IT administrators to midway control how and when Office refreshes are connected to clients’ gadgets, and support for industry-standard MDM approaches and inclinations will enable IT to authorize association wide security strategies, including inclinations for Visual Basic macros and application settings. The ongoing combination with Jamf Pro will include extra control and make it simpler than at any time in recent memory to deal with the speed of Office refreshes crosswise over gadgets.”

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac is upheld on the two latest variants of MacOS, and to perceive how to participate in the MS Office 2019 Commercial Preview program. So, now its end of waiting and Microsoft Office preview is 2019 preview program is ready to launch. Get more information and support on

What’s the Latest Version of Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office 2016 is the most recent variant of MS Office for the two Windows PCs and Macs. In the event that you buy into Office 365, you’ll generally get updates to the most recent adaptation of MS Office. On the off chance that you purchase a conventional single system license, you need to buy each new version to get it. Also, visit for more details.

The Latest Version is Office 2016

The most recent variant of Microsoft Office will be Microsoft Office 2016, which is accessible for the two Windows PCs and Macs. Microsoft launched the Office 2016 for Windows on September 22, 2015 and Office 2016 for Mac on July 9, 2015.

The Windows form keeps running on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and later OSs, including Windows 10. The Mac variant supports OS X 10.10 Yosemite and more up to date forms, including macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

There are likewise Office applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web. These are dependable in the know regarding the most recent software.

The variants of Office 2016 gave Microsoft’s Office 365 membership benefit are very piece not quite the same as the customary renditions of Office 2016, in spite of the name. The Office applications accessible through the Office 365 membership benefit get new highlights previously the standard independent duplicates of Office 2016 do.

How to Check if You Have the Latest Version

To check which version of Microsoft Office you’re utilizing on Windows, open an Office application like Word or Excel, and after that tap the “File” menu at the upper left corner of the window.

Tap the “Account” choice in the sidebar menu. Look under “Product Information” at the correct side of your screen and you’ll see which rendition of Office you’re utilizing.

In the event that you don’t see an “Account” alternative, click “Help.”

In the screen capture beneath, we’re utilizing Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on the semi-yearly refresh channel. We have adaptation 1708 of the product, which implies we have the form of Office that was launched in August, 2017.

You can likewise tap the “About” catch on the Account page—for instance, “About Word” in Microsoft Word—to discover more data.

For instance, this window clears up that we’re utilizing the 32-bit form of Microsoft Word 2016. This implies we have the 32-bit variant of Microsoft Office 2016 installed.

On a Mac, simply tap the “About” choice in an application’s menu to discover this data.

For instance, in Microsoft Word, click Word > About Word. In Microsoft Excel, click Excel > About Excel.

Step by step instructions to Update to the Latest Version

How you refresh relies upon how you acquired Microsoft Office. In the event that you buy in to the Office 365 membership benefit, you will dependably have the most recent adaptation of MS Office.

You can check for refreshes by clicking File > Account > Update Options > Update Now in an Office application. Be that as it may, except if you’ve disabled updates, which isn’t suggested, Office will dependably refresh itself out of sight.

Office 365 has diverse update channels. Standard shopper versions of Office 365 are on the “Month to month” refresh channel that get new highlights and different updates every month. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you introduced a variant of Office through your association’s Office 365 ProPlus membership, you might be on the “Semi-annual” channel. This channel just gets refreshes with new highlights once at regular intervals. Regardless you’ll get security refreshes promptly—just new Microsoft Office highlights are delayed.

You can change to the month to month channel in case you’re on the semi-annual channel and need to get more incessant component refreshes. To do as such, download and run Microsoft’s Office channel switcher settle. It will change your Office item’s refresh channel and consequently start downloading the new version.

In the event that you don’t have Office 2016, you can get it by either buying in to Microsoft’s Office 365 membership benefit or by obtaining a solitary PC or Mac license of MS Office 2016 and introducing it on your system.

On the off chance that you pick to buy MS Office 2016 as opposed to buying into Office 365, you won’t be naturally refreshed to the following significant arrival of Office. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you buy into Office 365, you’ll consequently be stayed up with the latest with the most recent Office programming.

Office 365 is an especially decent arrangement on the off chance that you need to introduce Office on in excess of one PC. Office 365 Personal expenses $70 every year and gives you a chance to introduce Office on one PC or Mac. In any case, Office 365 Home expenses $100 every year and gives you a chance to introduce Office on up to five PCs or Macs—or any mix of the two. A solitary independent duplicate of Office 2016 for Windows or Mac costs $150, and that is only for one gadget.

You can get more information on

Beginning Office Online With A Locally Saved Document

Microsoft always provides amazing features and support to provide a great user experience and flexibility.

Proceeding from Your free and standby MS Office alternative: Microsoft Office Online to begin to go to, login to your MS account (if not as of now signed in).

Continuing from Your free and standby Microsoft Office alternative: Office Online to start go to, login to your MS account if not already logged in.

Tap on the buttons for MS Word Online, PowerPoint Online, MS Excel Online or OneNote Online. Likewise, a connection to OneDrive where all the Office Online documents are spared. Look down the web page to see a list of as of recently opened records.

Or on the other hand go to to straightforwardly get into OneDrive and the accessible documents.

Opening documents

Microsoft needs individuals to put every one of their documents in their OneDrive administration and has designed MS Office Online (and other Office applications) to favor OneDrive. In any case, that doesn’t mean you need to do what Microsoft needs as mentioned in

You need to transfer into your OneDrive storage at that point open the document from that point into Microsoft Office Online. It’s impractical to just transfer a document straightforwardly into the MS Office Online.

From your PC

Here’s the manner by which to utilize Office Online with documents saved money on your PC. To put it plainly, transfer the report to OneDrive, change to Word/PowerPoint/Excel Online to open the record, at that point spare back to your PC when completed. In the event that you wish, delete the OneDrive duplicate.

This is less demanding on the off chance that you have the OneDrive program/application running on your Windows/Mac PC. OneDrive applications can synchronize files or envelopes between your PC and the OneDrive online storage. For this illustration, we’ll accept there’s no synchronization accessible (i.e. you’re utilizing another person’s PC or an open terminal).

Go to your OneDrive record transfer your document utilizing, surprise, the upload button. Pick a folder or utilize the primary/root folder.

From OneDrive

Once the document is transferred, discover it in OneDrive, tap the little menu symbol then ‘Open in Word Online’.

Or on the other hand pick ‘Open in Word’ to utilize Word programming on your PC.

All Office good documents spared in your OneDrive record can be opened in Microsoft Office Online. PDF documents can be seen, yet not changed over/altered (that requires Word programming).

Save to your computer

When you’ve got done with altering, go to File | Save As to save/download a duplicate of the document to your PC.

The first document is saved money on OneDrive (Office Online auto-spares, there’s no Save button). Obviously, you can download any record/document from as well.

You can Save As to PDF on your PC in any case, strangely, can’t save a PDF copy direct to OneDrive.

Must try it and enjoy the document editing online. If you face any issue then you can visit Microsoft support center at and also ask them queries too.

Microsoft Office for Mac Buying Guideline 2018

All you need to know about Office 365 and MS Office for Mac with advice regarding which version to purchase and when to expect office for Mac 2019. You can also follow setup to be updated with it.

MS Office for Mac includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other productivity tools and it’s available in several different forms. Here, I am going to provide details guide regarding all MS Office for Mac 2016 and Office 365 and suitable options to buy it.

At the point when is Office 2019 for Mac turning out coming out?

Two years have gone since the underlying arrival of Office for Mac 2016, yet we’re not expecting another Office for Mac at any point in the near future. There was a five-year hole between this present variant of Office for Mac and its antecedent, Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. Soon that premises it’s more probable we’ll see a 2021 arrival of the following Office!

The next version of MS Office is Office 2019, which is expected out in the second half of 2018 as pre one of the blog at Anyway, Microsoft has so far just affirmed that it will be bolstered on Windows 10, so a form for Macs looks unlikely.

There will be some new features have been added by the regular updates to Office for Mac in the following area.

What’s in the most recent variant of Office for Mac?

Office for Mac 2016 was first propelled as a feature of Office 365 in July 2015. After that some new features being added in regular updates.

In January 2018 Office 2016 For Mac increased real-time collaborative editing in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, for instance. The January 2018 refresh likewise includes programmed spares with the goal that everybody who is teaming up on a record, spreadsheet, or introduction can see the most exceptional rendition. Prior adaptations can be effectively gotten to however, so there ought to be no danger of losing data.

MS Excel gets some new highlights including support for PivotTable diagrams and speedier multi-threaded figuring. PowerPoint clients are presently ready to utilize their mouse as a laser pointer in Slide Show mode. It’s additionally conceivable to alter begin and end of audio clips from inside PowerPoint.

Outlook users weren’t forgotten. They would now be able to utilize track pad gestures to document and delete messages.

In the event that you’ve been sitting tight before refreshing from Office for Mac 2011, your chance is running out and right now is an ideal opportunity to redesign. MacOS High Sierra is out, and spells the end for the more seasoned rendition of Office. On 10 October 2017, Microsoft finished help for Office for Mac 2011, and it won’t work on the off chance that you choose to introduce and run High Sierra on your Mac, you can read it

New highlights coming to Office for Mac

At its Ignite meeting toward the finish of September 2017, Microsoft uncovered a few insights about up and coming changes to Office, and especially its Mac form – which will, in a captivating advance for the organization, have an essentially extraordinary interface to the Windows one. The firm accentuated that it’s attempting to make a suite that is more “authentic” to the Mac stage.

What amount does Office for Mac cost?

Office for Mac 2016 is accessible in two forms with a one-off payment: Home and Student or Home and Business. Purchase either, and you have Office forever however you won’t get updated to the following significant Office release except if you pay another off installment for it.

This alternative is for those that don’t care for the possibility of a regularly scheduled payment and have a greater single amount accessible to spend on Office now. It’s likewise for the individuals who aren’t stressed over moving up to the most up to date form of Office for Mac when it turns out, or will spend another lump of trade out request to get it.

The option is Office 365, which utilizes a membership benefit – more on that beneath.

Here are the two full Offices for Mac versions, the amount they cost and what they incorporate.

Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac

Price: £119.99 ($149.99)

Offer: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote

Install on: 1 Mac

OneDrive storage: 15GB

Skype: N/A

See on the UK Microsoft Store | US Microsoft Store

Office Home & Business 2016 for Mac

Price: £229.99 ($229.99)

Offer: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook

Install on: 1 Mac

OneDrive storage: 15GB

Skype: N/A

See on the UK Microsoft Store | US Microsoft Store

Latest versions and all other updates are available at, visit now and get them soon!