How to create a floor plan by using Microsoft Visio?

How to create a floor plan by using MS Visio?

MS Office is the great and popular software which increase the productivity of every organization and make their work easier and faster. This software can be installed by just visiting to the official website It has many applications like Skype, Outlook and MS Visio etc. Every application has its own functions. Here we are discussing about MS Visio and its benefits.

What is MS Visio?

MS Visio is a diagram tool and it helps to create flowcharts, diagrams, create maps and floor plans. It has variety of build in shapes, objects, and stencils which makes your work easier. In this you can also create your own shapes. This application is very helpful for the architectures, builders and home designers.

How to create a floor plan by using MS Visio?

In the MS Visio option, use the Floor Plan template to create the floor plans for the individual room or for the entire floor of the building. This will include the wall structure, building core and other electrical symbols.

Start a new Floor plan:

For creating a floor, in the category list, click on Maps and Floor Plans category. Then click on Floor Plan and then click on create.

Create the Exterior Wall Structure:

Using room shapes, from the wall, shell and structure stencil drag one room shape to the drawing page. Resize the room shape by using the resizing tool.

Using the wall shapes, from the structure stencil drag the exterior wall structure to the drawing page. You can resize the walls by dragging an endpoint, to set the options right click wall shapes, and drag the endpoint from wall to another.

Create the Interior Wall Structure:

From the structure stencil, drag the wall shapes to the drawing page and position them inside the exterior structure. Again resize the walls, right click on to set it and drag the endpoint from one wall to another.

Add doors and windows:

From the wall, structure and shell stencil, on the top of the wall drag the wall and window settings.

Add Structural Elements:

For structural elements, from the structure stencil drag the structural shapes such as columns to the drawing page. From the building core stencil, drag the shapes such as stairs on to the drawing page.

Add Electrical Symbols and Dimension lines:

From the electrical and telecom stencil, drag the switches, and other wall fixtures onto the drawing page. Then right click on wall, and add dimensions. And reposition the dimension lines.

Insert a CAD floor plan:

In the insert tab, and in the illustration group, click on CAD drawing.  And in the Insert Auto CAD drawing, select the CAD file you want and click on Open. Accept the size and location and click ok.

Save as DWG file:

On the file tab, select Save As >Browse. Now change the Save as type to Auto CAD drawing (.dwg).


If you have any kind of issue then you can contact to the customer care of MS Office via They will help you in every way at any time and at any place.

Microsoft Software Assurance Benefit, Install Microsoft Office Throughout Microsoft HUP

Microsoft Software Assurance Benefit, Install Microsoft Office Throughout Microsoft HUP

Program may be utilized to offer the low-cost download of the Microsoft office, to your employee’s home devices or systems. Providing the same applications to your employee for home and work will increase the efficiency and productivity. HUP is a Software Assurance Benefit that could be avail by the user of Microsoft volume licensing.

The organizations like colleges or If your employer or college is a Microsoft HUP contributor you might get Office to get a single computer at a discount. Workers are required to have the Office applications, covered with active software assurance. If your employer is a HUP subscriber, then there will be no requirement to cover the complete price for the purchase for Windows PC or Mac.

Microsoft HUP

By using this Microsoft Software Assurance HUP you’ll find the authorized replica of your Office application with the key. To be able to trigger the Office program in your system, you are required have a valid product key. Microsoft HUP lets you set up all the complete version software such as Office Professional Plus 2016, Office Home & Business 2016 such as Mac, Visio Professional Plus 2016 etc.

HUP Isn’t available for all those students and employees, who If you’re a government worker then also Microsoft HUP provides the Office software at the lowest cost to you. If your company isn’t enrolled for the service, then you can attempt to activate software assurance advantage through Microsoft volume license service.

What do you need to get started? – Microsoft HUP:

Your Office email id and 10-digit program code provided by your Benefit administrator

10-digit program isn’t necessary for all the organizations.

HUP product key, to activate the Office Software.

Steps to Purchase Microsoft Office Setup — Microsoft HUP:

MS hup signin
  • First of all, visit and enter your Email id which you use at work.
  • Now select the language and country from the drop-down listing.
  • Enter the 10-digit Microsoft HUP app code, when prompted.
  • You’ll Be now needed to verify your accounts, open the mailbox.
  • Open the email came from Microsoft HUP Team together with the verification link.
  • Click to the confirmation link in order to confirm your account.
  • Now select the product which you want to purchase from the listing of software, Click Insert to cart.
  • Open the shopping cart and click checkout for the additional process.
  • Enter your billing information and click on Confirm your Order Then click Complete Purchase.
  • Accept the Microsoft HUP Terms & Conditions and then go “Next”.
  • Input your personal email in the popped-up window to send the installation link to your home system.

After entering email, click on send. A window will appear with the item key and other details associated with your product.

Steps to install Microsoft Office Setup – Microsoft HUP:

  • After buying the Microsoft office, you Want to install The Office setup in your system.
  • Open the mailbox on which you have sent the connection in the time of purchase.
  • Search for the email using the setup link, click install.
  • Then run the setup process.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the Workplace Installment installation.
  • Click Close and open the Office program.
  • Make an account.”
  • If You’ll see another window, then click ‘Use a Different account’ and then follow the previous step.
  • If You Would like to register your product with the item key the visit setup and create your Microsoft account.
  • The account.
  • Now enter the product key That You Have in the time of Buy Office.
  • Click Accept and start Word, so as to agree to this Agreement permit.
  • If activation wizard will pop up, then follow the Orders and click Finish.

Microsoft HUP allows you to buy Office merchandise for your home System also. You will have the ability to set up the office software using your own personal email address. If you are using Mac computer and want to install the Microsoft Office on your Device. You need to follow basic actions to install the Office on your Mac computer.

Steps to install MS Office on Mac through Microsoft HUP:

  • First, You Have to purchase the Office from the Microsoft HUP.
  • Now visit the URL com/setup or and sign in to your accounts.
  • Select the Office product which you would like to put in on your Mac computer.
  • Click on Install Office and then again click install to start the download.
  • Now according to your search browser click save file or run, and Then open the downloads folder.
  • Double click the installer and click Continue to Begin the Installation procedure.
  • Accept the Software agreement license by clicking the Approve and continue.
  • Click install applications.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and then click Close.
  • Open one of the Office programs from the Launchpad.
  • Click Get started and now You Have to wait until activation Process is completed.
  • Click All Done and start utilizing your Office program Without any trouble.

The process helps you to set up the Office software In the Microsoft HUP. If You Aren’t able to install or download the Workplace Application in your system, then feel free to contact Office Support. You may Also visit us in for the further assistance and 24/7 support related To an Office issue.

Uses of Microsoft Power Point in Day to day Life

Uses of Microsoft Power Point in Day to day Life:

Microsoft Office is the setup which is useful for homes, business, offices, institutions, hospitals, and also for schools. . It is consists of many apps like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Publisher, MS Access, and MS Outlook etc. These helps to create and edit document, also to create spreadsheet by using mathematical calculations, and for creating presentations etc. It is very easy to install via

Microsoft Power Point

Microsoft PowerPoint is the software which helps to present data and information by using text, images and diagrams with animation and transitional effects. This helps to present data in front of audience easily.

Uses of Microsoft PowerPoint in various sectors:

1. Use of MS PowerPoint in Education:

In schools, PowerPoint is very helpful for the teachers because they can create an interest in students about the chapter by covering the chapter in different slide. Because each slides, they can highlight the chapter by charts, texts, shapes and animations. This makes the presentation more exciting, creative, and knowledgeable. This method increase their technological thinking and imaginations. Presentation also creates interest in the student for learning. This is quick learning process because videos make more interest in student mind rather than reading

MS PowerPoint in Education

2. Uses of MS PowerPoint in Business:

This is easiest application in MS Office. PowerPoint in business is used to create a business plan, organizational structure, marketing plan and execution strategies. Formatting options are also available in MS PowerPoint. You can present the data in slides. This will helpful in seminars and meetings. Through this you can train your team and remote workers- how to do listing, send emails and schedule social media posts by using images, diagram and circles. You can use Smart Art in PowerPoint to create organizational chart. You can create animated marketing videos which you can upload to YouTube.  As PowerPoint has exceptional tool and affects so you don’t need to use special animation software. Custom Animation helpful in creating short story telling movies.

MS PowerPoint in Business

3. Uses of PowerPoint for Housewives:

Housewives can create presentation, to teach their kids. They can also create photo album about the precious moment they spend with their family. They can create a family chart by using Smart Art.

4. Uses of PowerPoint in Governance and Citizen Service:

You can use PowerPoint in Governance, to create Adhar Card, and process of applying in Driving License. We can watch these slides in the government websites. In this you can add the images of the office and department. Citizens find it easy to access government services when they visit any government office.

PowerPoint in Governance and Citizen Service

5. Uses of PowerPoint for Job Seekers:

Through this you can create a digital resumes or Multimedia Resumes. This is the unique way of presenting knowledge in front of Interviewers.

PowerPoint for Job Seekers

If you still wanted to know more about Microsoft PowerPoint you just visit to the official website via

Learn to Resolve Error Code 30088-4 – While Installing Office 365

Learn to Resolve Error Code 30088-4 – While Installing Office 365

MS Office is the software which makes the work of every organization easier and comfortable. It is consist of much application like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Outlook, OneNote, and One Drive etc. It is very easy to install via This software is necessary for every firm. Through this you can create a text document, create presentation, and also you can do formatting.

But sometime people face error code 30088-4 while installing Office 365. This error code occur because of installing, upgrading or uninstalling Office 365.There are numerous causes like firewall rules, system file error, network conflicts, window installer error or may be because of preinstalled version of Office.

Reasons behind the Occurrence Error Code 30088-4:

The reasons behind the error code 30088-4 are some firewall setting might be blocking the installation of MS Office, because of enable Proxy Setting, and also due to the pre-installation of older version of MS Office. Incomplete/ partial/ change and repair of Office Suite.

Methods to fix Office Error Code 30088-4:

To fix the Office error code 30088-4, follow the steps given below to fix the error.

  1. First of all, you must block the security software and firewall setting for temporary basis.
  2. To launch the installation setup, double click on the setup file of Office 365.
  3. When the prompt message appears on the computer screen, enter the Product key of Office Product.
  4. Now you have to enter the username and password of the MS Office Account and then press Sign in option.
  5. After entering the details, then press on install button.
  6. Now press on the download file, and wait till the installation process completes.
  7. Check the configuration of Office Product and the installation process will start automatically.
  8. Now follow all the instruction displayed on the screen for the installation process.
  9. Once the installation completes, click on All Done button.
  10. Check the error is persisting or not. If not then the installation of Office is ready for use.

If the error is still persisting then contact to the customer care of MS Office via They were very trained and experienced and can solve your problem. You can also take knowledge about the Office product from the Office team. They were available for you 24 hours and 7 days a week. You may also can call on the toll free number at any time and at any place.

Solution to fix MS Office Error Code 1058-4

Solution to fix MS Office Error Code 1058-4

MS Office is the software which is developed by Microsoft. It is consist of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Skype for business. This software makes the work of every organization easier and comfortable. And this software is useful in schools, colleges, offices, business, and also for institutions. This software is used for creating text documents, making presentations and also for making spreadsheets. This is very easy to install via But sometime user faces some difficulty in installing MS Office and faces this error code 1058-4.

Causes for MS Office Error Code 1058-4:

The reasons for this error code 1058-4 are if you have a corrupted system files on your Window due to some malware, Antivirus Software blocks the installation process, because of the strict firewall policy you are not able to access the internet  and download files for installation. If you have the older version of Office suite then this error will occur, and also because of the strict internet rules the installer is not able to access the internet and download files for installation.

Solution to fix Error Code 1058-4:

Solution 1: Repair your MS Office from the Control Panel:

For this first of all, go to the start menu and type the Program and Feature and open the first selection. Then search for the Microsoft Office and double click it. After this click on Repair option and then tap on Next button. Repairing Microsoft Office will fix the issue.

Solution 2: Delete Microsoft Office Suite and then Re-install :

The error occurs because of the old version of MS Office, so for this first you have to uninstall the old version of Office. For this, first download the Office Uninstall Support Tool. After downloading, run the utility. But if you get any prompts of installation then click on install. Then select the version of office you want to uninstall and then click on Next. After this restart your system and install MS Office.

Solution 3: Turn off your Antivirus:

Antivirus software may be blocking the features of MS Office installer, so for this you can turn off the temporarily antivirus software to remove the error code.

Solution 4: Turn off the Window Firewall:

Strict firewall policy interrupts the MS Office installation. For disable Window Firewall, then go to the Control Panel, search for Window Firewall. Click on “Turn Window Firewall on or off”. After this click on the “Turn off Window Defender Firewall” for Public and Private Networks. At the ends click on OK.

Solution 5: Perform SFC scan:

First go to the start menu and type the command sfc/scannow in the command prompt without the quotation. The scan will begin and it will take minutes. After the scan completes, exit from the command and install MS Office again.

Beside following the procedure, if you are still having problem in solving the error you can contact to the customer care via setup.  They will solve your problem in minutes.