How you can Access Gmail In iPhone Mail?

Microsoft Office is the popular software among all the software’s as it makes the work convenient for the organization. You can install this software through This software is used in all the schools, colleges, institutes, firms, offices and businesses. No other software will compete with this software in the coming 10 years. As this software update its application timely for the better convenience for the people. All the application in this software performs different functions like formatting, editing, creating text document and making presentation.

If you add the email account detail to your phone setting then you will get the Gmail in your iPhone. There are 2 ways by which you can add email to your iPhone- IMAP and POP.

Access Gmail in iPhone Mail by using IMAP:

To access Gmail in iPhone Mail, first you have to enable the IMAP for Gmail. After this, on the home screen of your iPhone, you just open setting option. Here just go to Passwords and Accounts option and then click on Add Account, and then choose Google option. Now you have to enter your Gmail email address, and hit on Next button. After this, enter your Gmail password, and then again press on Next option. If 2-step verification message appears, then follow all the instruction which appears on your screen. This message will only appear if the 2-step authentication method is activated for your Gmail account. You just have to turn on the Mail toggle so that your email can be used. You enable other items to sync contacts, calendar events, and notes. You just press the home button to exit from the home screen.

Access Gmail in iPhone Mail by using POP:

First, you have to enable the POP for Gmail. Then, you have to open the Settings app. After this, go to Passwords & Accounts and then Add Account. Now, go to other and then add Mail Account. Here, just enter your name, email address, and password, and then hit on Next button. Now, you have to select POP. In the incoming Mail Server, then enter the Gmail POP server settings:

Host Name:

User Name: Your email address

Password: The password of your email account

If 2-step verification is enabled, then you have to generate an app password for your Gmail account. Now, use the app password instead of your account password. After this, In the Outgoing Mail Server, enter the Gmail SMTP server settings:

Host Name:

User Name: Your full email address

Password: The password of your email account

Then, tap on Save. Now, select the Gmail account. Now, you have to tap and then again at the top of the next page. Just, Turn on the Use SSL toggle switch. Then, In the Server Port text box, delete the present number and just enter 465. At the end, select done.

For more details, you just have to contact to the customer care executive of MS Office through

Why Microsoft Share Point is Important for your Organization?

Microsoft Office is the combination of many applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and SharePoint etc. You can install this software which makes the work of every organization easier and faster through This software is developed by Microsoft and gives its user great technical support. Every application has its own functions like formatting, editing, creating a text document and also helpful in making spreadsheet.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web based collaborative tool launched in 2001. It is a document management, content management system which is used to bring the organization together. This software is included in Office 365 and is useful in sharing document and information with your colleagues and partners.

This application allow its users to Create, edit, manage and share documents and insights with their colleagues, it is also helpful in keeping your teams up to date by using document libraries, it also helps to protect data and content, in this you can download and access documents offline, and you can also communicate with your colleagues in real-time.

Benefits Of Microsoft SharePoint:

You can enjoy the benefits of Microsoft SharePoint by just visiting to the official website of

  1. Context Around Document and Folder: Around the folder. It provides more information about the file including the history as well as the context.
  2. Enable constant communication with the Staff: Earlier you send the group email and copy everyone so some people might not get the information, but Microsoft SharePoint enables all the staff to see the important information and communication perfectly.
  3. Store all information in a Central Location: SharePoint store all the information to one internal place. So, that all the staff can find the information quickly. It also gives general warnings to the customers that everyone should be aware of. You can also post the message from SharePoint so that everyone can access it.
  4. Encourage Collaboration: Through SharePoint all the staff connects with each other via a portal., SharePoint brings all the people together so that you can work together, all the time.

For more information about the Microsoft Sharepoint, you can visit to the official website of MS Office through You can even call on their toll free number for details. If you are finding any issue then contact customer care executive of MS Office. Www.Office.Com/Myaccount

Why MS Outlook Won’t Open and How To Fix It?

MS Office is the software which makes the work easier and simpler. It is consist of many applications and all the applications perform different functions. It is developed by Microsoft and can install through

MS Outlook is the application of MS Office. It is used to send and receive emails. In this you can manage calendars, appointments, tasks, notes, similar entries etc. If MS Outlook won’t open you don’t have to worry. The reason for this error are if the profile belong to older Outlook version, if the PST file is deleted or damaged, if there is incorrect configuration of the app, and if the application is incorrectly installed. The symptoms of this error are your system becomes slow, started hangs or freezes. The causes of this error are if there is virus attack, internal registry conflict, and installation of corrupt software.

Fix the Error MS Outlook won’t open: setup gives the ways how you can fix this issue:

  1. Update Outlook as well as other software: For this, first you have to go to the Settings options then Find Update and Recovery option. After this, just click on how updates get installed. Now, just turn on automatic updates. This will might solve the issue.
  2. Practice Safe Mode: In this, first of all click on File menu then find Options. After this, click on Add-ins and now you have to search for COM Add-ins. Just clear all and re-start Outlook in the normal mode.
  3. Fix Damaged Files: First, close all the running MS Office applications and open the Control Panel. Now, you have to click on Programs and Features options. Here you have to search for your MS Office version and right-click on it. Now, just select the repair option.
  4. Restore Navigation Pane Configuration File: In this, first you have to shut down all the running MS Outlook application and click on Start Menu. Then, you have to type Run command and another Run dialog will prompt. Now, just type outlook.exe /resetnavpane command and click on Ok button.
  5. Delete Navigation Pane Setting File: First you have to open the run box and just type %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook command and press Enter key. Now, you will see MS Outlook configuration file location. Here, search Outlook.xml file and delete it.
  6. Create a New Outlook Profile: First, you have to click the Start button and just go to Control Panel. Now, click on the Mail option just to open Mail Setup dialog box. Here, just click on Show Profiles. Now, click Add button and give it a profile name. At the end, just click on OK button.

This will fix the issue, but if you still find problem then just visit to the official website via