If “This App has been blocked for Protection”! How to Fix it?

Sometimes, user faces the problem that this app has been blocked for protection. This issue stops the running and installation of the application. In order to fix this issue, the user must read the below article. For more info, the customer should visit to Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

Method to Fix “This App has been Blocked For Protection”:

1. Enable Hidden Administrator Account:

You should open the Command Prompt with administrator privilege. Then in the command prompt, you need to type “net user administrator /active:yes” and press enter key. Now, you will see a successful message will display on your screen. When you Sign Out, then you will find “Administrator” account which is located at the bottom left side of the screen. If you click on the sign-in in an Administrator account, then it will take some time to set up apps. Now, you will find the Software or .exe which you wish to install. Here, you will view the error is gone and then just install your software. At this point, you should sign out from the Administrator account and then sign in again to your Original Account. Now, you have to find out the software or app which was installed on the “hidden Administrator” account. Then, you have to disable Hidden Administrator Account. At last, you should open Command prompt as Admin and then type command,

net user administrator /active:no

2. Run Application from Elevated Command Prompt:

First, you should open the location of the application .exe just by right-tapping on the shortcut. From Properties box, you should copy the full path. Then, press Windows + X keys altogether and then tap on A key and then open Command Prompt as admin. After this in the Command Prompt, you need to type or paste the path of the application which you have copied earlier and then press Enter key. If the procedure complete, then you should close the Command Prompt.

3. Change Local Group Policy:

You need to press Win+R keys together and then in the Run box, you should type gpedit.msc and press Enter key. Now, in the left window of Local Group Policy Editor, you should tap on Computer Configuration and then tap on Windows Settings. After this, you should click on Security Settings and then hit on Local Policies and tap on Security Options. Then in the right side windows, you should double click on User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode. Here, you should disable the security settings and then tap on OK. At last, you should close Local Group Policy Editor and then restart your PC.

4. Disable Windows SmartScreen:

First, open Control Panel and then search for Smartscreen. After this, you should tap on “Change Smartscreen Settings” which is there Under Security & Maintenance. Now, you should hit on the Security in order to view Drop Down Options. At this point, you should tap on the Change Settings for Windows Smartscreen. Then, you should choose Don’t do anything (Turn off Windows Smartscreen) and then hit OK. At the end, you should try to install your app, and then check the error is fixed or not.

With this above method, the user can fix the issue If This App has been blocked for Protection. For more assistance, the user should go to www.office.com/myaccount.  

How You Can Add Macro Shortcut to Microsoft Office Word?

A macro is basically a code which runs in the background of the MS Word application. With macros, you can open documents, format documents, run formulas or you can perform anything which you type on a keyboard. In this blog, you will read how you can add Macro Shortcut to Microsoft Office Word. In case, for details the user can visit to the site via www.office.com/setup.

Create a Macro in Microsoft Office Word: office.com/setup

First, you should go to the “View” option and then just under “Macros” you should choose “Record Macros” in Word 2007 and above. And in Word 2003, you should click on Tools and then choose Macros and then you should select Record Macros. After this, you should assign a name for your macro in the “Macro name” box. Then, you have to click on the template or document in the “Store macro” box in which you wish to store the macro. Here, you have to type a description for the new created macro in the “Description” box. At this point, you have to press on “OK” button to begin the macro recording. Remember, the macro will record all your keystrokes and also the mouse clicks. Now, you have to perform the actions which you wish to replace with the macro. When, you finish typing your documents and the action which you want to record. After this, stop macro recording for this use: you have to click on “Macros” and then select “Stop Recording”. Here, your macro will be saved. If you want to run the macro, you should go to View and then select Macros. Now under Macro Name, you should click on the macro which you want to run. Then, you should click on the “Run” button.

To Assign Keyboard Shortcut to an Existing Macro:

You should choose File and then select Options. After this, you should click on “Customize Ribbon”. Now, you should click on the “Customize” button which is next to “Keyboard Shortcuts”, just at the bottom of the dialog box. Here, you will see the “Customize Keyboard” dialog box appears. Now in the Categories list, you should scroll down to the bottom of the list and then click on “Macros”. You will see the list of the macros in the current document which appears in the Macros list.

If in case, you cannot see the macros in the list then you should check out the document name in the option “Save Changes in” which is located below the macros list option, just give the correct document name on which you had created the macros. Now, you have to select the macro for which you want to assign the shortcut. Then, you have to type the Shortcut Key in the “Keyboard Shortcut” option which is there in the window. At last, you should tap on “Close” option.

The above method will help you to add Macro Shortcut to Microsoft Office Word. If the user need more information, then they can call the customer care of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

When Discord is Not Connecting! What to Do?

Discord is basically the group chatting app in which you can make voice; video and text message to your friends and colleagues. It is available for Mac, PC, IPhone and Android devices. But if Discord is not connecting properly then it will prevent you from sending messages and from accessing the content which is downloaded in the app. Hence, in this blog you will read the solution if Discord is not working properly. If you need technical support then you can contact to the customer care of Microsoft through office.com/setup.

Causes for Discord Not Working:

The causes of Discord not working are high volumes of traffic, if there is internet connectivity issues and if there is corrupted app data.

Solution to Fix Discord Not Connecting Issue: www.office.com/setup

  1. The first thing you should do is to check the Discord’s status and services. Because it is possible the services may be down that is why it is causing the issue. You can check the current status of Discord through DiscordStatus.com.
  2. You must check your internet connection as it might be possible that your smartphone is out of range and not getting connectivity properly. So, you must check internet connection on other apps like Facebook or Twitter to verify it.
  3. You should disable Airplane Mode because the Airplane Mode disables all the cellular and internet connections.
  4. You should temporarily disable Wi-Fi on your iPhone or Android smartphone because may be you are using a dead Wi-Fi signal. And just use your cellular network to check that now you can connect to Discord or not.
  5. To fix the issue, you should properly close the app and wait for some time and then again reopen it.
  6. You should update your Discord app so that it can connect to the Discord servers.
  7. You should also update your operating system as it fixes internet connectivity errors and make your device more secure and efficient.
  8. You can restart your device as this fixes a wide variety of technical issues as well as connectivity issues.
  9. In case, you are using Windows 10, then you should right-click on the Discord app’s icon in File Explorer and then just select Troubleshoot compatibility. This will quickly scan your device and the app’s files and immediately fix the error.
  10. You should turned off the proxy server settings as it can disrupt a connection to Discord.
  11.  If you are using a VPN internet connection, then it can also affect Discord so you must turn it off temporarily in your device.
  12. You should change your DNS servers and just set the Preferred DNS Server to and the Alternate DNS Server to As this might fixes the error.
  13. In spite of the above solutions, if you are still facing the issue then you should delete the Discord app from your device and again try to reinstalling it.

The above method will help you to fix the issue if Discord is not connecting. But if you still face the issue, then you can contact to the technical team of Microsoft for help via office.com/setup.

What are the Tips to Repair and Recover XLS/XLSX File?

If the user is facing problem in recovering corrupt XLS files then you should read this blog. In this, you will get the tips to repair and recover all your corrupt XLS files in the easy way. In case, you need support then you can contact to the expert of Microsoft Office through www.office.com/setup.

Solution To Fix XLS/XLSX File : office.com/setup

 1: Run Excel Inbuilt Tool “Open and Repair”:

You should click on “Open” option in the File Menu. Now from the list, you have to select corrupted XLSX file. Here, from the drop-down list of the “Open” tab,  you have to select “Open and Repair”. At last, you should click on the “repair” button just to repair the Excel file.

2: Use Microsoft Office Tools:

 For this, you have to go to Start menu and then just select All Programs. After this, you should select Microsoft Office and then choose Microsoft Office Tools. Now, you have to select Microsoft Office Application Recovery. From the dialog box, you have to choose Microsoft Office Excel. Here, you have to click on Recover Application.  This will take few minutes. After this, you have to respond the message Send Report To Microsoft prompt. Here, the recovery tool will close Excel file and you have to restart it. Now, it displays a list of recovered corrupted XLSX files.

3: Recover Data Only:

First, you have to click on File option and then select Open option. After this, you have to move to the folder which contains corrupted XLSX file. Here, you have to right-click on the corrupted XLS file name and then just click on Copy option and after this, press on Cancel option. At this point, you have to click on File button and then select New option. Here, under New option, you have to select Blank workbook. After this, you have to select corrupted XLSX. Now, in the Update Values dialogue, you have to click on OK button. Then, you have to select the sheet in select Sheet dialogue and after this, just click on OK button. Here, you have to choose the cell and then click on Home option and choose Copy option. You should select the area of the data in the original workbook. After this, you should click on Home and then choose Paste option. Then, just click on Home option and then select Copy again. At last, you have to click on Home option and then on the below arrow Paste and then click on Values under Paste Values.

4. Restore Lost Excel From Recycle Bin:

For this, just go to the Recycle Bin folder and then you have to search for your deleted xlsx/xls files. When you get it, just right-click on it and then choose the Restore option. Now, your deleted xlsx/xls file will be restored in the original location from where it was deleted.

5. Recover Xlsx/Xls file From .Tmp Folder:

First, you should search for the temp files which have the same name as your lost Excel file with the .tmp extension. In case, you are a Windows 10/8/8.1 users then you should search in this location:


In case, you are a Windows 7/XP users then you have to search in this location:


You should search for the temporary Excel files which starts with special characters “~” or “$” and end with extension “.TMP”. When you get the temporary Excel file then just copy it and save it to another safe location. Remember to change the extension of .TMP to .XLSX or .XLS.

The above method will help you to repair and recover XLS/XLSX file. In case, you need any kind of help or support then you can contact to the expert of MS Office via www.office.com/setup.