How To Resolve If Computer Screen goes Black for a Second?

If the user finds that there Computer Screen goes Black then they should update their graphic card drivers and also check all cables are plugged into the monitor. If the customer needs any kind of assistance, then go to In this article, you will read the method to fix the issue if computer screen goes black.

Method To Resolve If Computer Screen Goes Black:

1. Update your Graphics Card Driver:

To fix this issue, if incase your GPU’s driver is outdated then you should install the latest driver for your graphics card. If your system is outdated then it will lead to error and bugs. It is suggested you should use DriverFix tool for updating drivers. For this, first you should download and install DriverFix. Now, you need to launch the application. Then, just wait for DriverFix to identify the faulty drivers. Here, it will show you the drivers which has fault and then just select those drivers which you want to fix. At this point, wait for DriverFix to install the newest drivers. At last, just Restart your computer system.

2. Roll Back your Graphics Card’s Driver:

First, you should open Win + X menu by pressing Windows + X key altogether. After this, you should select Device Manager shortcut on the Win + X menu. Then, you need to double-click on the Display adapters category in the Device Manager window. Now, you should right-click on your PC’s listed graphics card and then choose Properties. Here, you need to tap on the Driver tab. At this point, you should press the Roll Back Driver button in this tab. At last, you should Restart Windows 10 when you roll back the GPU’s driver. For detail, visit

3. Ensure Cables are Plugged into the Monitor:

You should first unplug the cable which connects your monitor with your Computer system. Then, you should fully plug the cable back in order to reconnect the monitor with your PC. This will ensure you that your monitor’s connection cable is properly plugged in. In case, you find the monitor cable is not in good condition, then should plug the same cable into different computer.

4. Reset Your Monitor:

If you want to reset your monitor, then you should open the on-screen display (OSD) menu. Then, in menu you should look for a Factory Reset option. But if you do not find this option, then you should check your monitor’s manual to see the method to reset your VDU.

5. Adjust your Computer Power settings:

First, press Window and S key together to open the search tool. After this, you should write Control Panel in the search box. Then, hit on Control Panel in order to open the window. Now, you should tap on the View by menu and then select Category option. At this point, you should tap on Hardware and Sound in the Control Panel. Here, you have to choose Power Options in order to open the settings. Next, you should select the High Performance or Balanced setting. You should hit on Change plan settings for your chosen plan. Then, you should select Never option in the Turn off the display drop-down menu. After this, tap on Never option in the Put computer to sleep drop-down menu. At last, press Save changes option.

If the user need help, you can visit to Microsoft via