What are the Tips You Need To Resolve Mac Startup Problems?

In case, the user is facing issues during Mac Startup, then this article will be very helpful to them. And if you need assistance, then you can contact to Microsoft team via www.office.com/setup

Tips To Resolve Mac Startup Problem: office.com/setup

  1. Use Your Mac’s Safe Boot Option: The Safe Boot option forces the Mac to start up by using the system extensions, fonts, and also other startup items. This will also check your startup drive to make sure that it should be in good shape or should be at least bootable. This option will help you make your Mac running again.
  2. Reset Your Mac’s PRAM or NVRAM (Parameter RAM): The Mac’s PRAM or NVRAM has the basic settings which help to boot successfully like which startup device you should use, checks how much memory is installed, and also how the graphics card is configured. To solve the startup issues, you should reset the PRAM/NVRAM.
  3. Resetting the SMC on Your Mac: The SMC helps to controls the basic Mac’s hardware functions, like managing sleep mode, thermal management, and also set how the power button is used. To solve the Mac Startup issues, you should reset SMC.
  4. Mac Gray Screen at Startup: When you tap on the power button of your Mac device, you see a gray screen and your Mac gets stuck at the gray screen. There are number of reasons why your Mac get stuck at grey screen. You can get your Mac running again, but it will take a bit of time.
  5. Mac Stuck at the Blue Screen: When you turn on your Mac device, may be it past the gray screen but after that it gets stuck at the blue screen. This means your Mac device is facing problem while loading all the files which you require from the startup drive. To fix the issue, you should perform a repair and get your Mac up and run again.
  6. Mac OS X Startup Keyboard Shortcuts: If your Mac won’t startup, then you should force it to use an alternate method, like booting in Safe Mode or you can start it from a different device. Here, your Mac can tell you each step which it is taking during startup, so that you can check where the startup procedure is failing.
  7. Use OS X Combo Updates to Solve Installation Problems: Sometimes Mac startup problems are due to the OS X update is not properly done.  When you are installing, something goes wrong like a power hiccup or power outage which results in corrupt system that won’t boot, or may be your system boots but is unstable and crashes. In this situation, you should try again with the same upgrade and you should use an update which contains all necessary system files.
  8. Create a Spare User Account: You should create a spare user account with administrative capabilities which help you to fix problems with your Mac device. This account will help you if you have problem with your current user account.

The above are some of the tips which helps to resolve Mac Startup Problem. For more assistance, you can call the expert of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.