How To Try or Buy Microsoft 365 for Business Subscription?

Microsoft 365 for Business Subscription helps you to run your organization with latest business software and also protects you from real world threats. In this blog, you will read the method to buy Microsoft 365 for Business Subscription. For more help, you should visit to the site of Microsoft via  

Method To Buy Microsoft 365 for Business Subscription:

1. Try Free Trial Subscription:

For free trial Subscription, you should visit to the Microsoft 365 Products site. Now, you need to choose the plan for which you wish to sign up like Microsoft 365 Business Standard. Then, you should scroll down the page and then choose Try free for 1 month. Here on the next page, you need to set up your account. At this point, the sign up procedure will take minutes to finish. When the procedure complete, then you are ready to begin the setup wizard for your subscription.

2. Buy Subscription from Free Trial:

In the Microsoft 365 admin center, you have to visit to the Billing and then tap on Your products page. Now in the Your products page, you have to find the subscription which you wish to buy. Then in the Licenses section, you need to choose Purchase subscription. After this, you need to select monthly or annual commitment for your subscription and then choose Checkout. Here in the next page, you need to check the subscription and then choose Checkout. In the next page, you have to check the Sold to address, the Billed to information, and Items in this order. Incase, you want to make any changes, then choose Change which is next to the section. When you are finished, then choose Accept agreement & place order.

3. Extend your Trial:

In the admin center, you should visit to the Billing and then click on Your products page. Now in the Products tab, you should choose the trial subscription which you wish to extend. Here in the subscription details page, in the Subscriptions and payment settings section, you need to choose Extend end date. Then in the Extend end date pane, you have to review the extension information and then choose a payment method. When the process complete, you need to choose Extend trial.

4. Cancel Free Trial Subscription:

If the user wants to cancel the trial subscription before the free trial period ends, then for this you should visit to the Microsoft 365 admin center and then turn off Recurring billing. If the trial will automatically expire and then your credit card will not get charged.

5. Try Different Subscription:

In the admin center, the user should visit to the Billing and then click on Purchase services page. In the Purchase services page, the user will view the plans which are there for your organization. Here, you should select the Microsoft 365 plan which you wish to try. Then in the next page, you should choose Get free trial and the trial will provide you 25 user licenses for one-month term. Now, you need to select a text or a call and then enter your phone number, after this select Text me or Call me. At this point, you have to enter the verification code and then choose Start your free trial. Next in the Check out page, you need to choose Try now. Lastly, in the order receipt page, you should choose Continue option.

For more detail about MS Office software, you should go to the official site via

How You Can Migrate from SharePoint to Office 365?

Microsoft Office is the popular software which is developed by Microsoft for the convenience of the user. This great software is very well utilized in firms, organizations, hospitals, schools, colleges, offices and in homes also. You can install this productive suite through This software fulfills the demand of the current generation and also it updates its application timely so that the users don’t have to face any kind of difficulty. They also provide great technical assistance for its customer and its experts are available all the time. In this blog, you will read how you can migrate from SharePoint to Office 365.

Tips to Migrate From SharePoint To Office 365?

  1. Manually Copy Files To Office 365: You can manually copy files to Office 365, with the help of Explorer View in SharePoint. But this method has a drawback because you will lose all the SharePoint default metadata as all the default data is not carried over. These default user column values are reset according to the person who does the migration and also default date column values are reset to the current date and time.
  2. Office 365 Migration API: This is a new method of migration developed by Microsoft which increases the speed of migration of data by leveraging Azure. The drawback of using this method is you require a migration package and azure set up on hand before doing the migration. When the job timer in azure begins, it moved the content to your Office 365 environment according to your package settings. One thing you require is you must have developer skills and also the knowledge of API.
  3. Using Custom or Third Party Office 365 Migration Tool: You can do the migration by just appointing a SharePoint consultant but this will take lot of your time. The better option is you should use the third party Migration tool which speed up the process of migration and make the task easy.
  4. Using Microsoft Fast Track: For Office 365 customer who has 150 seats or more, than you can utilize the Microsoft Fast Track which is the free data migration solution. This tool helps the user and guides them in the process of migration.
  5. Hybrid Upgrade to Office 365: In this hybrid upgrade, you require both the on premises and cloud environment. They both are linked and run. In case you do not want to move your old content from on premises to the cloud than you can choose this On premises SharePoint. Then slowly and gradually you can start using Office 365 after creating new sites. After establishing this connection, users can be able to move between the Office 365 and on Premises SharePoint. Through this way you can upgrade content to the cloud.

This process helps to migrate from SharePoint to Office 365. But if the user is still facing some kind of issues then they can contact the customer care executive of MS Office anytime. They can also visit to the site through

What are the Reasons you should Choose Microsoft Office 365?

‌Microsoft Office is the famous productivity suite developed by Microsoft for the convenience of the people. This software introduces many applications so that in this digital world, the work of the people becomes easier and it is estimated that no other organization has the ability to compete with this software. You can install this software through It has many apps like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access and MS Outlook etc. And all apps have different functions like formatting, editing, creating text document, making presentations and used for making professional presentation. In this blog, you will read the reasons to choose Microsoft Office 365.

Reasons you should Choose Microsoft Office 365:

Use the MS Office tools: Office 365 has the tools like Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher and PowerPoint. With the help of these tools you can see you can edit documents which you are using, synchronize documents with your desktop, broadcast PowerPoint presentations, and also check the documents online.
Simple to learn and easy to use Office 365 is easy to learn and use. You can easily create a account and can save all your data “in the cloud” so that you can access your data anywhere and anytime. This data will be very helpful when there is threat or damage of device.
Communicate and collaborate with ease: You can share your files both inside and outside of your company, from a single location and you can also add many people to work with you. You can also send messages to your colleagues and customers. You can also invite them for a online meetings.
No need to be an IT expert: Office 365 has simple applications which can be easily used by the common computer users. You can perform administrative tasks by just using an intuitive portal. The online portal gives you the step-by-step instructions on how to add users and set up your account so that you employees can quickly start using Office 365 without having any kind of problem.
Access Anywhere Anytime: Office 365 gives you the online cloud storage facility. In this you can store the backup of your valuable data and can access the document anywhere anytime. You can also access email and documents from your mobile device. You view and edit documents from anywhere from any device anytime.

If you want more details, you can call the customer care expert anytime on their toll free number. You can also go to the site of MS Office via