If Office 365 Cannot Open More Databases! How to Fix Error 3048?

While using Office 365, some users face issue like Cannot open any more databases. To fix this issue, you should go back to an older version of MS Office. For details, visit to Www.office.com/myaccount. In this blog, you will read the method to fix If Office 365 Cannot Open More Databases.

Method to Fix If Office 365 Cannot Open More Databases:

1. Close Affected Program:

To close, you have to tap on Ctrl + Alt + Del key together and then open Task Manager. Now from the list, you should choose the affected program. At last, you should tap on End process button which is at the bottom of the window.

2. Re-install Affected Program:

To re-install affected program, you should open the Start menu from the Taskbar. After this, you should search for Control Panel and then open it. Now, you should choose Programs and Features. Here from the application manager, you should choose the affected program. At last, you should tap on Uninstall button.

3.  Initiate Virus Scan:

For this, you should tap on the upward arrow button which is on the bottom-right taskbar. Now, you should choose Windows Security. Then, you have to tap on Virus & threat protection. At this point, you should tap on the Quick Scan button and then Windows Security scans your PC for virus and malware. Here, you should choose the Scan options button. Lastly under Scan Options, you should select Full scan option to scan your computer for virus or malware.

4. Clean System Junk Files:

To clean, you should tap on the Start menu. After this, you should look for Command Prompt and then open it as an administrator. Here, you should write cleanmgr and then tap on Enter key. At this point, you should choose the drive from which you want to clean the junk files. Now, Disk Cleanup will start calculating the amount of storage space. At last, you should check the boxes of the categories which you wish to clear and then tap on OK.

5.  Set up Trusted Location:

To setup, you should open the Microsoft Office app in which you are facing the error. After this, you should tap on File menu option and tap on Options. Now from the left side, you should choose Trust Center. Here, you should select Trust Center Settings. At this point, tap on Trusted Locations from the left side. Here, you should choose Add new location. Next, you should add a new trusted location and then tap on OK. At last, save the changes and then exit.

6. Run SFC Scan:

To run, you should hit on the Start menu. After this, you should look for Command Prompt and then open it as an administrator. Now, you should write the below command and then tap on Enter key.

sfc /scanow

At last, PC will start scanning the issue and then fix the issue.

7. Run Check Disk Utility:

To run, you should hit on Start menu. After this, look for Command Prompt and then open it as an administrator. At last, type the command and tap on Enter: chkdsk /f

Through this way, you can fix if Office 365 Cannot Open More Databases. For more details, tap on www.office.com/setup.  #Office.com/myaccount

How To Troubleshoot Subscription Error With Office 365?

In case, the user is using MS Office software in their device, but they are facing some issues. This issue generally arises because of the pending payment from your side. In order to fix the subscription error issue, the user must read this below blog. For more help related to Office 365, you should visit to Microsoft website via www.office.com/setup.

Method to Troubleshoot Subscription Error with Office 365:

1. Check Status of your Subscription:

First of all, the users have to close all the Office applications which you are currently using. After this, you should log in to your account at office.com/myaccount. Now, you have to go to the ‘Services & Subscriptions’ page. At this point, you should visit to the heading named ‘Microsoft 365 subscription’. From here, you can view that your subscription has expired or if it is still active. If it is expired, then you can immediately renew it if you want to use it continuously. Next, you need to carefully follow the subscription renewal procedure. At the end, you should make the payment just by utilizing a valid payment method.

2. Check your Payment Information:

For this, you should close all the running Office applications. After this, you should visit to the ‘Payments’ option page. If it asked to sign in to your Office account, then you should Sign in. For Signing in, the users have to enter all the login details carefully. Now, you should check if there is an error in the payment method in your computer screen. If you find there is an error, then you should fix it just by updating it. At the end, you should restart an application and then view if it opens.

3. Use Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant:

The user should first navigate to the Office setup page and then you should look for ‘Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant’. After this, you should tap on the ‘Download’ button which is there against it. Now, you should select the options just to save your file. The user has to install this application in their device. At this point, you should tap on the ‘Install’ button. If it opens, then you should agree to its terms. Here, you need to choose the ‘Yes’ option so that the file make changes to your computer system. At the end, you should follow the prompts to fix the issue.

After this method, you should uninstall and re-install the Office subscription in your device. This method will fix the error and also you will get the latest update of the Office subscription which you have installed in your device. It is highly recommended that you should use a payment method which will not expire soon otherwise it will create problem when you will use an Office subscription.

Through this, the user can easily fix the subscription error with Office 365. If the user want any kind of information related to Office 365, they can navigate to the official site of MS Office through Www.office.com/setup365.

How To Purchase and Install Microsoft 365 for Home?

If the user wants to install Microsoft 365 for Home in their device, then they must read this blog.  And for help, the customer can anytime contact to the customer care of MS Office via www.office.com/setup.

Purchase a Microsoft 365 for Home Subscription:

If you are purchasing a subscription to Microsoft 365, then first you have to choose the version of Office which you want and then provide your payment information.

Now, you should open a web browser and then go to www.office.com/setup. Then, you should sign in to your Microsoft account. After this, the Office portal opens up on your screen where you can access the Office Online apps and here, you can manage your Office subscription. At this point, you should select Buy Office. Here, you should select Buy now option for the Office subscription which you want if you are paying an annual subscription fee. After this, you should Review the information in the Cart and then select Checkout. Then, you have to select a payment type. For this, you can choose either a credit card or debit card, PayPal, or bank account. At this point, you should enter the payment details and then select Save option. Then, you should select Place order. Now, your order processes and then you will get an email receipt for the transaction.

Install Microsoft 365 for Home: office.com/setup

When you purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription, then you have to install Office on your PC. For this, you should use the computer where you want to install Office. Then, you have to go to the Microsoft 365 portal page and then just sign in to your Microsoft account. Now, you should select Install Office. Here, on the Microsoft 365 Home web page, you should select Install Office. At this point, on the Download and install Microsoft 365 Home screen, you should select Install. After this, according to the web browser you use, you will see a prompt to Run or Save the downloaded file. Here, you should select Run option. Then, you should installs the Office apps. After the installation complete, then Office will ask you to enter an email or phone number so that you get a download link for the Office mobile apps.

Activate Microsoft 365 for Home:

When you install Office, you should activate your subscription. And to activate Office, you should open one of the Office apps, like Word. Then, you should enter your Microsoft email address and password. Now, on the Accept the license agreement screen, you should select Accept. Here, the Office app opens and you should create Office documents and spreadsheets.

Share Your Microsoft 365 Home Subscription with Others

If you want to share a Microsoft 365 Home subscription, then you should sign in with the Microsoft account which you use to set up Microsoft 365. Now on the Office portal page, you should select Install Office. Then, you have to select the Sharing tab and then select Start sharing. Here on the Share Office window, you should choose one of the option:

Invite via email: In this, a link is send in an email message.

Invite via link: In this, it creates a link which you can copy and then you can give to the person in an email, or a text message etc.

Now when your family member will get the link, then they can use the link to install Office in their Computer.

For more details about Office installation, you can visit to the official site of MS Office through www.office.com/setup.

How you can Create Distribution List in Office 365?

Distribution List is the advanced feature given by Microsoft in the Office 365 version. Through this feature, multiple users can communicate with each other easily. Distribution list is used for sending the email to the group of people and it is basically used for marketing purpose. For this you don’t have to type the name of each recipient and it is also used by the user who share common work, so through this can communicate easily. For this feature, you have to install MS Office through office.com/setup. Microsoft Office is the well known software developed by Microsoft and consists of many applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc. Through this you can do formatting, editing, creating text document and also used for making beautiful presentation. This software is used for home as well as for business purpose. In this article, you will read how to create a distribution list in Office 365.

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Features Of Distribution List:

Distribution list of Office 365 uses only a single email address to send emails to all the group members. It can manage through EAC and PowerShell cmdlets. Through this any user whether it is an external or internal user can send email to the members of the group. You can get the Dynamic membership through Dynamic Distribution Groups. In this, Free or Paid AAD subscription will works as a license. Through this distribution list, multiple users can communicate with each other, share their work, ideas, crucial information, urgent message, etc.

Create Distribution List in Office 365:

For this, first you have to Open Office 365 admin center and then you have to select Groups and again choose Groups option. Then you have to click + Add a group option just to add a Distribution List. Here you will see the New Group page will open. Now under Add a group, from the list of option you have to select Distribution List option. After this, you have to Add a Group name, Group email address, Description. Now you have to drag the option to On/Off to allow/disallow people outside the organization to send emails to this group. After this, you have to click on Add option. Here you will see the message that the Group was added. Now you have to click on Close option. Just select and double click on your newly created Distribution List. By using the Edit option, you can edit the Group name, Owners, Members and Exchange Settings. You have to click on Edit option to add the Group owners. Here you have to click + Add owners and then you have to click on Close option.To add members, you have to click on Edit against Members option. After this, you have to click + Add members to add the members from the list and then click on Close. If you want to change the Exchange Settings, then you can do this by clicking on the Edit Exchange Settings option and then click on Save option to save it. You can manage the senders of the emails by clicking on the delivery management category in the Exchange Settings option. At last, just click on Save option to save this setting. You will see the Distribution Lists group in Office 365 is successfully created.

If you need more information, then you can go to the website of MS Office through www.office.com/setup.

How Office 365 is better than Older Versions of Office?

In today world, everyone is familiar with the popular software known as Microsoft Office. This software has so many IT applications which perform different task and makes the life of every individual easy. And this software has introduced so many versions with the increased time. Each version of Office is better than the older one. You can install this software through www.office.com/setup. It is easy to use that is why it is used in hospitals, institutions, offices, homes, schools and colleges. With the MS Office suite you can calculate huge numbers, presenting huge statistical figures, sending mass emails, and communicating with the team etc. Today this software because of its beneficial features becomes the major player in the market. And it is expected that no other software can compete with these software for next 10 years.

People are using Office 365 not in their laptops or computers but also in their smart phones. If they wanted to operate their Office work, they can easily operate their official work remotely. This increases the productivity of the organization. And its applications make the work easy like the difficult tasks which are performed by experts are now performed by the assistants.With Microsoft tools, you cannot only communicate with the employees but also with the clients of other organization. You can use Skype for Business with this you can easily communicate with the employees, video chat, send and receive messages, and can use Microsoft Outlook for emails. You can hold conference online meetings with Office 365 suite. This Office suite is user friendly and provides its user online and offline support if they are facing any kind of issues. All the applications like One Drive, Yammer, SharePoint integrate well so people can easily communicate while working together. If you communicate better, you can give best services to the clients. You can access the emails and calendars with MS Outlook when you are not connected with cloud.

There is no risk involved in the leakage of your private information with the updated version of Office 365. You can customize the settings that who can view or can edit your information. This avoids the risk of data loss. With Office 365, you can create, edit and modify various files.

Office 365 has many more features, to know more you can visit to the official website of MS Office through office.com/setup. They also provide the great technical support to the user. You can call the customer care executive any time from anywhere.