About the Microsoft Office 365 (Office.Com/Setup 365)

Microsoft office can be easily defined as a pack of office-affiliated applications. Every single one of these applications has been individually created and designed to serve a specific resolution. For example, Microsoft PowerPoint manages all presentations; Microsoft Access is a database tool; Microsoft Office Word is used in the creation of documents, etc.

Now, there are several applications developed by this group and not each one of them is needed by a user. To further condense this scope, the provider, Microsoft has these applications organization in collections referred to as suites. These suits include various applications depending on the target customer. There is a business suite, home suite, student suite and even school suite among others. The pricing policy of each of these many depending on the inclusions.

Microsoft offers its office suites in many ways depending on the inclusions and terms. One of the purchase options is making a one-time buy of this product online. The pricing of these office products also varies depending on the included features. However, you need to note that you won’t receive any features added by Microsoft down the line since it is a one-time buy.

To Make an Online Buy of the Same, Easily Visit

(Www.Office.Com/Setup) Roll down to the one-time buy and select your suite. Follow the subsequent steps to complete your purchase.  products.office.com/en/buy/office.

How Do You Download Office.Com/Setup365 For Windows

Being a worldwide product, there is an office product for Windows users as well as one for iOS, Mac users. Here is a service on how to download a window’s office variant: Primary and foremost, you need to buy an office subscription. This will be done on the Microsoft product page, Products.office.com. (Office.Com/Setup365 ) As stated much earlier, the valuing policy varies. To install and download office:

  • Log in to the Office setup of your account by visiting Www.Office.Com/Myaccount. This should open a page containing your buy or subscription.
  • Under your subscription title, click an arrange title captioned install.
  • Press install once again. Your Office should start downloading.

Once the downloading process finishes, open your Computer’s default download site to access the setup. Click on your setup and follow the installation wizard’s step to install the program in your System’s.

Facing Problems with Office.com/setup              

If you happen to face any problems at all with the Installation, download, and activation of any Microsoft product, just visit Microsoft Support from Support.Office.Com.

Office Repair and Re-Install

At times an Office product such as Word or Excel may not be working correctly, at times such could be simply fixed by restarting the program. If this doesn’t support, you may have to try and repair it after which you may have to restart your computer.

To repair your program, easily:

  • Right-press the Windows Start button. On the menu that popups, click Apps and Features
  • Press on the Office app to be repaired and choice Modify.
  • Depending on whether your Office is Microsoft Installer based or Click-to-run, here is a repair guide for you: In Microsoft Installer based, click Change your installation>Repair>Continue For Click-to-run, choice How would you like to repair your Office Programs>Online Repair>Repair Follow the few step that follow to repair your program.

New features of Microsoft Teams on the first Anniversary

Microsoft launched Teams last year and on the first anniversary, Microsoft announced various new characteristics to more enhance more in Microsoft team. Microsoft Teams for Education gets new features and also Microsoft Teams take place on Skype for Business. One of the main characteristics that were declared is the support for rubric grading in Microsoft Teams. With this support, learners will be able to check how they’ll be evaluated it before they begin the assignment. Microsoft also stated that Microsoft Teams for Education is making it simple for educators to share question papers or assignments powered by Microsoft Forms. Skype for Business will also affect Microsoft Team using the new features you can get the more about it at office.com/myaccount.

Let’s discuss these both topics in details here:

Microsoft Teams in Office 365 Education include new features like:

Lock OneNote assignments Page as Read Only: Learners can lock the pages of OneNote assignments as read-only mode when the date and time expired. But it enables the teachers to still edit the OneNote assignment pages.

Pause students: For conversation and focus, there is a fixed time so you can pause or stop students to post more in the conversation tab.

Join codes: Build an easy code for others to join your Group, team or Staff. The code in project mode can monitor and join by all team members.

Use old team as a template: while creating a new team, teachers can create a new template using and team and also modify it as per use.

Archive teams: You can securely save your class or team in read-only mode and take it for reference while you are creating your Teams experience reference for the next school year.

From many features, mute all students and reuse a team as a template features are accessible for all. And other characteristics like Rubrics grading, archive teams, join codes, and lock OneNote assignments page will be coming soon. Get updates at office.com/setup online.

Microsoft Teams replaces Skype for Business

Behind this, the main idea is to build a single hub for teamwork, with Skype for Business being phased out.

Lori Wright stated that “We quickly moved from Teams as the chat-based workspace to the hub for teamwork, and what we saw was that collaboration and communications are inextricably linked: you can’t have true collaboration if you don’t have the ability to communicate, to have unified communications, to make a phone call, to have a voice or video meeting. All of these things are core to the collaboration experience.”

So more and more features will be added to the Microsoft Team for the Education and it may affect the Skype for Business. So download the latest Microsoft Office products online from office.com/setup and enjoy new features.

If you are facing any Microsoft or MS Office software related issues, visit www.office.com/myaccount and contact Microsoft support team to get support for each and every query related Microsoft products. Microsoft team is online to chat with you about the basic issues at office.com/setup site, so visit and ask your question now.


How to Repair MS Office Error code 30145-16?

MS office Error code 30145-16 is basically generated while downloading, installing, upgrading, updating, starting, reinstalling or uninstalling MS office suite’s versions like MS Office 365, MS office 2016 and MS office 2013 shows some significant problems connected with MS Office suite. There are so many causes of this Error code 30145-16 like firewall blocking, Antivirus software conflicting, system file or windows installation issue, or other system conflicting issues.

If you are facing the same error code 30145-16 while working on any MS Office Applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, Visio, Publisher or any other, then you can solve it by following some of the below steps to resolve Error code 30145-16, and it is the best way to solve it y following this steps in given order only. You can also ask Microsoft team for the support and solutions anytime online using their Email id, phone number or live chat window at www.office.com/setup.

Solution-1: SFC (System File checking) Scan to resolve Error code 30145-16

System file checker (SFC) tool is an excellent tool to monitor and check the lost and corrupted system files in the windows. SFC tool will enable the OS to scan and recover the lost/damaged files.

If windows resource security files are lost, then your device and MS Office suite may not run perfectly and it may go failing to run like MS Office software installation, upgrade, update or any other thing may show up errors, or device crashes or restart automatically.

To run SFC tool, 

  • Open the Command prompt and run it as an administrator from the start menu,
  • Write the command SFC /SCANNOW on command prompt and Press Enter
  • This command will scan and check all secured system files on the device and then restore all the damaged files along with a cached copy in the device at %WinDir%\System32\dllcache which describes windows system folder
  • And then see that if Error code 30145-16 is resolved or not

If you are unable to open or operate SFC tool then contact MS Office suite support provider online from office.com/setup.

Solution-2: Temporary block Firewall or Antivirus software to resolve Error Code 30145-16

The Firewall or security software available on the device may sometime recognize and prevent the MS Office installation or update as a role of device security in the background. The MS Office installer is an online setup tool to give the newest characteristics and updates in all the installation.

Here I have given the steps to disable the firewall or antivirus software to resolve Error Code 30145-16

  • To disable Windows Firewall:
  • Go to the Control panel from start menu
  • Search for the firewall and open Windows Firewall
  • In the left navigation panel, Click on the turn-on the Windows Firewall On or OFF button and click on OFF

And then check whether Error code 30145-16 is resolved or not If not any you need someone’s help in it then contact MS Office support team at www.office.com/setup.

To disable the Antivirus software, you have to follow the steps as per your antivirus software. Each security software has own different settings to disable it. So go to the official website of the antivirus software and follow all the steps.

Solution-3: Edit MS Office Registry keys to Repair Error Code 30145-16

Editing in a Registry key is a dangerous thing because any mistakes in them lead to a big loss so it’s better to call Microsoft support team to get support regarding MS Office at office.com/setup.

Solution-4: Uninstall/Reinstall the MS Office suite

If not any solution helps to you then you can uninstall the MS office suite in your device and then reinstall the program again online from office.com/setup. It will definitely help you.

Get more details at www.office.com/setup

Now you can set up and print a letter sized booklet or newsletter in Microsoft Publisher

If your printer supports printing on 11-by-17 inch (or tabloid) paper then you can create a folded booklet or a news letter that has 8.5-by-11 inch pages. While this article suggests to standard US letter size pages (8.5 x 11), you can avail this technique with any publication whose page size is half that of the paper size.

To set up the newsletter or booklet just follow the below mentioned instructions:

  1. Open the publication that you want to print as a folded booklet.
  2. Open the Page Design

3 Click the Page Setup dialog launcher.

4 In the Page Setup dialog box, click on Booklet under the Layout Type.

5 Make sure that the dimensions of your booklet is as mentioned below:

  • Width is 8.5 inches and Height is 11 inches

6 Set the margins as per your requirement under Margin Guides tab.

You should see the following under your booklet graphic (for a 4 page booklet):

  • Page estimate 8.5 x 11
  • Paper size 17 x 11
  • Page order 4,1,2,3

Click on OK
8 Click on Yes, if you are prompted to automatically insert pages. Microsoft Publisher will insert pages in order to get the total number is a multiple of 4, as one sheet of paper becomes 4 pages.

 To print the newsletter or booklet just follow the below mentioned instructions:

  1. Click on File then click on Print
  2. In the Print dialog box, under Printer, select a printer that can print on 11×17 or tabloid paper.
  3. Select the following under Settings tab:
  • Print all pages
  • Booklet, Side fold
  • Tabloid or 11×17
  • Landscape (Publisher 2010 only)
  • Manual 2- sided print, flip sheets on short edge or print on both sides, flip sheets on short edge

  1. Select the option as per your requirement then click on the OK to start printing the publication.

The below image is describing how the Microsoft Office Publisher prints the first and the last pages on one side of the paper and second and third pages on the other side of the paper.

Even if your printer does not support two sided printing, Microsoft office Publisher prints the first and the last pages on one side of the paper and second and third pages on the other side of the paper. So when you photocopy the pages again and again and then bind them together by the use of a stapler they will be in the right order.  Or you can also use manual two sided printing.

Resolutions to MS Outlook issues

MS Outlook is an email application available in the suite of Microsoft Office which also includes all personal information managers like contact/task manager, Notes, Calendar, and many more. MS Outlook sends emails directly, which may not everyone wants because sometimes you want to revise the content again but by mistake you press send button.

So if you really like to command and choose when email send, then let me guide you in this. After reading this post we can decide that send instant emails or schedule email to send them later.

  1. Turn-off the Default
  • Open MS Outlook, from the file tab open options and then select advance. Now click on Send/receive or press Ctrl + Alt + S.
  • Under Setting for Group “All Accounts”, un-tick all the three options in the opened dialog box. And close the box.
  1. Pause all sending mail

You can modify your settings to passes all sending emails from outbox of MS Outlook. To set up control that delays all sending email, just go through below steps:

  • Go to the File menu and click on the Manage Rules & Alert
  • In opening dialogue box tick on New Rule
  • In the “Start from a Blank Rule” division, choose “Apply Rule On Messages I Send” and go to the Next.
  • In the next window, don’t click on any options and in below section, it will show “Apply This Rule after I Send the Message”. And choose OK without replacing anything. And click yes to confirm it.
  • Now in the next window, tick on the “Defer Delivery by a Number of Minutes” option. And enter the Number of Minutes and click. Click on Next.
  • Click Next without changing anything.
  • In next pane, provide this rule a name and tick to turn on this rule.
  • If needed, tick the “Turn On This Rule option”. Click Finish and then tick on OK to perform the rule.
  1. Delay a particular email

If delaying the automatic feature or pausing all emails is destruction, you can perpetually delay specific email, as required. This method is very simple and adaptable. To pause or delay a particular email:

  • Select the Options label in the next window
  • Click Delay Delivery, in the More Options group
  • In the Delivery Options part, set the time/date on which MS Outlook should transfer the mail.
  • If you think to send the emails before the listed date/time, just un-tick the “Do Not Deliver Before”.

4: Send after connecting

If you drop emails in the Inbox when you close Outbox, MS Outlook is able to transfer them when you next open and to do it:

  • Open the File menu and click on Advanced in the options menu.
  • In the Send And Receive section, tick the “Send Immediately When Connected” and select OK.

You can do any other things also if you are not getting the wanted results and if you tried everything then you can choose the Microsoft support team. They have the best solution for you to resolve all the issues regarding MS Outlook or MS Office.