How To Resolve If There is No Internet Connection?

This is basically when you have Wi-Fi Connection at your place but no internet connection. This type of problem usually occurs when there is the problem with your device or in router. In this type of problem, you should immediately restart your device as this can fix the issue. In this blog, you will read some troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. But if you need support then you can contact to the Microsoft team via

Solution To Fix If There is No Internet Connection:

  1. First, you should reboot your router and modem as this can fix the issue. But remember, rebooting the router and modem flushes the memory contents and also reset the background. After this, you should log in to your router as admin.
  2. You should also check that you are connected to the correct network and also verify that your device is not trying connecting to any nearby network which might be blocking your access. In these instances, you might be facing internet issues. If you want to check this, you should open the Wi-Fi settings and then check the network name with which you are trying to connect to. In case, you did not recognize it, then it is not your network.
    Sometimes, it happens that the Wi-Fi extenders also use the same network name as your own router. In this case, you should reset the Wi-Fi extender or temporarily unplug it. But if you do get internet, then the issue will resets with the extender, and you can fix it from there.
  3. You should re-enter the wireless password. Because some operating systems will not give you warning if you put the wrong wireless password. If your device shows a strong Wi-Fi signal but in case, the password is incorrect, then the router will refuse to connect with your device.
  4. You should disconnect from your VPN.  Because if your device is connected to a VPN service, then you might be having the full Wi-Fi connection but no internet connectivity.  In this situation, you should try a different VPN server.
  5.  You should ensure that you are getting an IP address. Because, may be you are connected to a router but have no internet access. This error occurs when your device has connection with your router but your router’s does not have connection to your ISP.
  6.  In case, you are using a public Wi-Fi hotspot like at a hotel or airport, and you think that you can check your email or browse the internet. But usually, most hotspots do not work properly.
  7. You should try a different DNS server. In case, your device is connected to a DNS server which has corrupted data then the strongest Wi-Fi signal cannot give you internet access. So, you should locate a different DNS server and then just change the DNS server settings on your device and check if the web pages loading properly.

The above solution helps to fix If there is no Internet connection. For support or help you can contact to the Microsoft team via

What are the Best Way to Share One Drive Files?

One Drive is the client application developed by Microsoft. You can share, sync and store all your files in One Drive. This application is free for the owners of Microsoft Account. You can install this application of MS Office through The files which you stored in One Drive can be accessed anywhere anytime and are totally secure. Nobody can access those files without your permission. One Drive gives 15 GB of storage space to its customer. You can access these files from any device and can store any kind of photos, image, files and documents in it. In this blog, you will read how to share One drive files on Windows, IOS and on Android.

One Drive Sharing With Window 10 and Window 8.1:

For this, first you have to open the Windows Start Menu and then you have to select Documents. After this, you have to locate the One Drive folder which is located on the left side of the screen and just select it. Now you have to find the file in your One Drive folder which you want to share and then right-click on it. From this menu, you have to select Share a One Drive link and this will create a link for your file which is copied to your device’s clipboard. Now you can copy this link into an email, social media post, or messaging app and paste it.

One Drive Sharing With IOS App:

For this, first you have to open the One Drive application on your iOS device. Then you have to find the file which you want to share and then just tap on it. You can select more files which is visible on the left side of the screen. Then you have to select the icon which is a square with an arrow pointing up, this is share icon. Here, you will see social apps for sharing the file. Now you can select the icon of the app with which you want to share. You will see the social app with the link to the file.

Share One Drive Files on Android:

For this, you have to open the One Drive app on your Android device. Then you have to locate the file which you want to share and just press it. If you want to select more files to share then just select the share icon. From the drop-down menu, you can select the person with which you are sharing the file can edit the file or just view it. Now you have to Select Copy link. The link to your One Drive file will be saved on your Android device.

If you have still any doubt, then you can call the expert of MS Office anytime. For details, you can visit to the site of MS Office through