If Your Xbox One Headset is Not Working! How to Fix it?

If your Xbox One Headset is not working, then you can fix this issue just by checking your profile and also by configure the privacy and audio setting. For more details, go to www.office.com/setup. In this blog, you will read the method to fix Xbox one headset is not working.

xbox one headset not working

Method to Fix Xbox One Headset is Not Working:

1. Troubleshooting Solutions:

First, the user has to disconnect the headset or unplug the headset cable from the controller and just reconnect it properly to the controller. After this, you should check the headset is not muted just by checking the mute button on the headset controls. You should increase the audio by visiting to Settings and then tap on Device & Accessories and then choose your controller to adjust audio settings. Just use different headset in order to check for malfunction. You should update your controller just to get the latest software. The user should clean the Xbox hardware just by checking the headset, cord and also the connector for issues. Check the headset battery, if they are not low. At last, you should unplug the power cord and Reboot your console.

2. Check your Profile and Configure Online Settings:

You should first Sign in to your accounts. After this, you should open the guide and then choose Settings. Then under Account, you should choose Privacy & online safety. Here, you should choose View details & customize. Next, you should choose Communicate with voice and text. At last, you should choose specific friends or everybody, according to whom you wish that profile to talk to.

3. Power Cycle your Xbox One Console:

For this, you need to tap on the Xbox button. After this, you should choose System and then Settings. Next, you have to choose Power & Startup option. At this point, you should choose Power mode and startup. Here, you need to choose Power mode. The user should select Energy saving. Now, you should initiate a hard power cycle just by pressing the Xbox button for 10 seconds and then again restart it. At last, you should check that Xbox One S console will read it and if in case, it reads then go back to Instant-On power mode.

4. Check your Settings:

To check your settings, first in your console, you should visit to the Home screen. After this, you should choose My Games and Apps. Now, you should choose Apps. Then, you have to choose Party and after this, Start a Party. At last, you should Speak into the mic and check if your mic work.

5. Adjust the balance between Game and chat room:

The user can change the balance between the game sound and chat room just by using headset adapter. If the sound of the game is 100 percent and the chat is 0 percent, then the sound which you hear is from the game and not chat. The user can change the balance just by tapping on the buttons which is on the adapter located on the left side.

With this above method, you can fix the issue of Xbox one headset is not working. For more details, visit to office.com/setup or office.com/myaccount

If Xbox Microphone is Very Quiet! How To Fix it?

This is really very frustrating, if the user is using Xbox one console but the mic is very quiet. To fix this issue, you should read the below method to fix if Xbox Microphone is very quiet. For more help related to Xbox, visit to Microsoft site via www.office.com/setup.

Method To Fix If Xbox Microphone is Very Quiet:

1. Check and Clean your Xbox Hardware:

First of all, you should check the headset, the cord and also the connector. Then, just ensure that there is no dirt is on the headset connector. If you find the dirt then you should clean the connector by using a cotton pad which is dipped in rubbing alcohol. Lastly under the directional pad, you should insert the Xbox One Chat Headset connector in the expansion port and then right tap on the controller.

2. Check Headphones on Another Device:

If the issue is not related to hardware and then you should check its settings. The user should plug the controller to another Xbox device and then check the voice is registered by using the mic in that device.

3. Test your Xbox One Chat Headset:

For this, you should Sign in to Xbox Live in your Xbox One console. After this, you should press the Xbox button and then choose Start a party. Now, you should check the volume is turned up. At the end, you should speak into the microphone.

4. Use Skype to Test Headset:

You should Sign in to your account and then choose the Skype app. Now, you should select People and then choose the Skype Test Call contact. Here, you need to choose Voice call and then you will see Skype will connect your voice call. In this call, you have to speak into the mic and it will repeat.

5. Change to Energy saver:

The customer should open Xbox One’s settings and then go to Power and Startup. Here under the Power options, you should highlight the Power mode and then just use the button ‘A’ in your controller in order to toggle to Energy-saving.  At last, you need to Save the changes and then exit.

6. Check Xbox Profile Settings:

First, you need to press the Xbox button in your controller. After this, you should choose Settings and then from the list of option, you should tap on All Settings. Through left hand side, you should go to Account and then tap on Privacy and online safety. Here, you need to choose Adult defaults and then tap on View details and customize. At last, in Communicate with voice and text, you should choose Specific friends or everybody, according who you wish that profile to talk to.

7. Check mic Through Sign in:

The user should visit to the Home of Xbox One. After this, you should visit to the Sign-in option. And then, you have to Select Choose this person. When you choose your person which you have created in Xbox, then just check your mic when you join any party.

With this above mentioned method, you can fix the issue if Xbox Microphone is Quiet. If the user requires more details, then visit to the official site of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup365