How To Resolve Excel We Couldn’t Free Up Space on the Clipboard Error?

When the user perform the task like cut, copy or paste, then they sometime face the issue We Couldn’t free up space on Clipboard Error. This issue occurs due to incomplete installation or improper deletion of software etc. In this blog, you will learn the solution of this problem. For help, the user should navigate to

Method To Excel We Couldn’t Free Up Space on Clipboard Error:

  1. Look Into Event Viewer: First, you should look into the event viewer for the error code. For this, you should type Eventvwr.msc in Run Window. Then, you have to open the taskbar and just close and exit from this process. This will uninstall the entire program which is used to check the status.

  2.  Increase Virtual Memory: You should right-click on the My Computer and then click on Properties. After this, you should click on the Advanced tab and then tap on the settings option which is present under the performance section. Now, you should tap on the Visual Effects and then select the option “adjust for best performance”.

  3.  Check Software Installation: First, you should open the “Control Panel”. After this, you should select “Programs” and then tap on “Uninstall a Program“. Now, you should sort the list by “Installed On”. If the user find that another new program gets installed which can cause the issue, then you should uninstall it in order to clear this issue.

  4.  Stop Keeping Copy Of Snips In Clipboard: You should press Windows + R keys together from the keyboard. Then in the opened Run Window, you should type “snippingtool” and then press OK button. Now, you should open Snipping Tool and then click on Options. At last, you should uncheck “Always copy snips to the Clipboard”.

  5. Open Clipboard In Windows: First, you should go to the start menu and then in the run box, you should type clipbrd.exe. It will open the Clipboard. Or, you should visit to the Windows\System32 directory and then just double tap on the exe.

  6. Verify Remote Desktop Application: For this, you should start your Task Manager just by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC or by hitting on CTRL+ALT+DELETE. After this, you should go to the processes tab. Here, the remote desktop application is the culprit and you can locate rdclip.exe and then close it.

  7.  Hide Microsoft Services: You should go to the Services tab and then types msconfig.exe in the search files/programs box. After this, you should check on the option “Hide all Microsoft Services”. Then in the list, it will hide the Microsoft Services. Here, you can disable/enable these services one by one and then just check your problem is resolved or not. When you disable a service, then you should restart your excel and then check the issue is there or not. Through this way, the user can find the culprit application.

With this above method, the user can resolve Excel We Couldn’t Free up Space on the Clipboard Error. If the user need any sort of help related to MS Excel Application, then visit to the official site via