If Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization! How to Fix it?

This error occurs if the user tries to change their settings in the computer. But the customer can easily fix the issue by changing your diagnostic and usage data setting. For any kind of help, the user should go to our website.

Method To Fix If Some Settings Are Managed By Your Organization: www.office.com/setup

1. Remove Work or School Accounts:

For this, first of all you should visit to the Windows Settings. Then, click on Accounts. After this, you should go to Access work or school. Now, you have to select the connected account and just remove it. At last, just restart your device.

This issue occurs if you connect your work or school accounts to the device. To fix this issue, you should remove these accounts. If you cannot be able to remove them, then you should create a new user account with administrator privileges: To do this, you should go to Settings. Then, click on Accounts. After this, you should select Family & other users. Here, you should choose Add someone else to this PC. At this point, you should input the credentials in the box. After you create the account, then you should change it to Administrator and then tap on Okay.

2. Change your Diagnostic and Usage Data:

You should open Settings and then select Privacy. Then in the menu which is located on the left, you should choose Diagnostics & feedback. Here from the right side, you should change the Diagnostic data to Optional.

3. Change your Settings from Group Policy Editor:

First, you should open Group Policy Editor just by hitting on Windows Key + R together and then type gpedit.msc. If Group Policy Editor starts, then you should go to:

User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Start Menu and Taskbar/Notifications

Here in the right side of the window, you should find Turn off toast notifications setting and then double click on it. Lastly, you should enable it and disable it for some times but you should keep it disabled before you save your settings.

4. Edit your Registry:

You should press Windows Key + R together and then enter regedit. Now, you need to press Enter key and the Registry Editor start. It is advised you should export your registry before you make changes. For this, you should create a backup by clicking on File and then select Export. After this, you should select All as Export range and then enter the specific name. Here, you should select a save location and then tap on Save button. Through this way, you can create a backup of your registry. The user can use this file any time just to restore your registry to its original state. Now in the left side, you should go to the following key:


And in the right side, look for Wuserver and just right-click on it. At this point, you should select Delete from the menu. At last, you will see a confirmation dialog will appear on your screen and then tap on Yes option in order to remove this entry.

The above mentioned method helps to fix the issue if Some Settings are managed by your Organization. If the user needs any help in fixing the issue, then you should go to the site of MS Office through www.office.com/myaccount.