How You Can Open Encrypted Files in Window 10?

The user has to face trouble, if they have the encrypted file but they don’t know the password to open it. In this blog, you will read the method to open the encrypted file in Window 10. For more details, visit

Method to Open Encrypted Files in Window 10:

1. Use Dedicated Program: There are many programs which are used to encrypt files so that you know that they are password-protected. As you all know that the encrypted files can be opened, but sometimes you need to use the same programs to encrypt them. WinZip is a program which is use to encrypt file. And to open an encrypted WinZip file, you require the password. With the WinZip, you can’t recover the lost zip file passwords. For help, Visit

2. Use Certificate Manager: First, log in to the user account which encrypted the file you wish to access. Then in the search box, you need to type certmgr.msc and then press Enter key in order to open the Certificate Manager. After this, you should open the Personal category which is in the left side. Next, you need to tap on Certificates. Now under Issued To, you have to select the certificate which corresponds with your account name. Here, you need to open Action menu. At this point, you should go to All Tasks and then select Export and here, follow the instructions in the Export wizard. Then, you need to tap on Yes, export the private key and Personal Information Exchange if asked. After this, you have to type a password for the certificate and then tap on Finish option. Now, you should Transfer the certificate file to the computer which you want to open. Then, open the Certificate Manager on that computer and then select Personal. At this point, open Action menu and go to All Tasks and then select Import. Here, follow the instruction in the Import wizard. Just select the certificate file which you moved, and then type the password and then check the Mark this key as exportable box. At this point, select Personal as the location just for placing the certificate and then tap on Finish. At last, you need to double click the encrypted file to open it and the certificate which you transferred will give you access to the file.

3. Take ownership of the file or folder: You have to open File Explorer and then find the file or folder which you want to take ownership of. Then, you have to right-click the file or folder, and then tap on Properties. After this, you should tap on the Security. Now, you need to tap on Advanced and then tap on the Owner. At this point, you need to tap on Change and then just do one of the following:  You should change the owner to a user or group which is not listed or you should change the owner to a user or group which is listed.

The above method helps to open the encrypted file in Window 10. If the customer need help, then visit to Microsoft via

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