How to Fix this Issue “Oops! We Could not Save that One Error”?

Sometimes, it happens when a user face this error on their computer screen i.e. “Oops! We Couldn’t Save that One Error”. Then, to fix this issue you should read the following method.

Method To Resolve “Oops! We Could not Save that One Error”:

1. Open Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter:

First, you should run the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter. After this, you need to hit on the Type here to search button which is located on the left side of the taskbar. Now, you need to type troubleshooting in the search box which opens up on your screen. Then, you should hit on Troubleshoot settings in order to open the window. At this point, you should select the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter and tap on Run the troubleshooter button. Here, you should hit on Apply this fix option in order to fix the problem. Lastly, you need to Restart Windows 10.

2. Change Folder Permissions for Photo’s Folder:

First, the user should check that they have the full permissions for the folder which contains the image you can’t save. You should open File Explorer by pressing the Windows key + E hotkey together. Now, you should right-click on the folder which has the image Photos doesn’t save and then choose Properties. At this point, you should select the Security tab. Then, you need to choose the user account in the Group box. Next, you need to tap on Edit button and then choose the Full control checkbox if in case, it’s not already selected. At last, hit on the OK button.

3. Reset Photos app:

This will fix a corrupted Photos app. For this, you need to enter the keyword app in the Type here to search box. After this, you should tap on Apps & features in order to open the window. Now, you need to choose the Microsoft Photos app. At this point, you should tap on Advanced options in order to open the Reset button. Next, you should hit on Reset button, as this will open a dialog box. Then, you have to tap on Reset again on that dialog box. Keep in mind that the Repair option for Photos, will fix the app without resetting data.

4. Save Image to an Alternative format with Paint:

To fix this issue, you can save the file to an alternative format in Paint. For this, you should enter Paint in Windows 10’s search box. Then, you have to hit on Paint in order to open it. Now, you should open the image which doesn’t save in Photos. Here, you should hit on File and Save As option in order to open a file format submenu. Next, you have to select a different file format for the image which is currently saved as. If in case, it’s a PNG image, then you should select JPEG format. At this point, you should enter a title for the file in the Save As box. Then, hit on Save button. At last, you should save the same image in Photos again.

If the user needs details about this issue, then they can go to Microsoft via

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