How To Resolve Error Code 0xa00f4271 in Windows 10?

Some users face the error code 0xa00f4271, because of wrong camera settings and corrupted driver files. To fix this issue, you should read the below method. For assistance, you should visit to MS Office site via

Method To Fix Error Code 0xa00f4271 in Window 10:

1. Open Microsoft Store App Troubleshooter:

For this, you should tap on Type here to search just to open Cortana. Now, you have to enter troubleshoot in the search box and then tap on Troubleshoot settings. After this, you should choose the Microsoft Store App troubleshooter in the Settings window which opens up on your screen. Here, you need to tap on Run this troubleshooter button. At this point, you should go through the resolutions which are given by the troubleshooter. At last, just Restart Windows.

2. Check Camera Settings:

First, you should open Cortana and then input camera in its search box. After this, you should choose Camera privacy settings in search results in order to open the window. If Camera access to this device is off, then you should tap on Change option and then just toggle the Camera access for this device option on. Here, you should turn on Allow apps to access your camera option. Under Choose which apps can access your camera option, you should enable camera. At the end, Restart Windows after you adjust the camera settings.

3. Edit Registry:

You should open Run with the Windows key + R hotkey altogether. Then, you have to open the Registry Editor just by entering regedit in Run and just tap on OK button. In the Registry Editor, you have to open the registry path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeMicrosoftWindows Media Foundation

Now, you should double-tap on Windows Media Foundation which is located on the left of the Registry Editor. Here, you need to right-tap on a space which is there on the right of the Registry Editor’s window and then choose New option and then tap on DWORD (32-bit) Value. For the new DWORD, you have to Enter EnableFrameServerMode. After this, you should double-tap EnableFrameServerMode just to open the window. You have to enter 0 in the Data value text box and then tap on OK button. After editing the registry, you need to Restart Windows.

4. Update Webcam’s Driver:

This issue occurs because of an antiquated webcam driver. To fix this issue, you should use professional software to update drivers. Through this software, you can see if your webcam drivers require new patches or not.

5. Update Windows 10:

First, you have to open the Cortana search box by pressing Windows key + Q key altogether. After this, you should enter update in order to search for the update settings. Now, you should tap on Check for updates in order to open the Settings window. At this point, you should tap on Check for updates button. Here, the Windows will install the available updates automatically. At last, the user should Restart Windows when it installs new updates.

Through this way, the user can fix error code 0xa00f4271 in Window 10. If the user need help, then go to the site via