How To Troubleshoot Error Message When Updating Window 10?

If the user is facing the issue like Error Message When Updating Window 10. In order to resolve this problem, you should read the following method. If the customer wants help, then go to Microsoft via

Method To Troubleshoot Error Message When Updating Window 10:

1. Disable or Uninstall your Antivirus Software:

First of all, you have to type Settings in the Search bar and then select it. After this, you need to select Apps from the Settings menu. At last, you have to search the antivirus in Search bar and then tap on Uninstall program.

2. Check you have Enough Space:

In the Search bar, you have to type Storage settings and just select it. At last, you have to check if the storage is enough to update Windows 10.

3. Use Administrator Account:

First of all, you have to find Media Creation Tool .exe file and then right-click on it. After this, you should select Run as administrator from the menu. At last, you have to move further with updating Windows.

4. Verify Certain Services are Running:

In the Search bar, you have to type Services and then select Services. If the Services window opens, then you should search for the following services:

Automatic Updates OR Windows Update

Background Intelligent Transfer Service




IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules

From here, you can find any of the services and just double click on it. At this point, you should check the Startup type section and verify that the Startup type is set to Automatic. Here, you should check the Service status. If in case, it’s not set to Running, then you should hit on the Start button in order to start that service. After this, you should hit on Apply and OK option in order to save the changes. If you have completed, then close the Services window and just restart your computer.

5. Delete SoftwareDistributionDownload Folder:

For this, you should go to

C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload folder

Then, you have to open Command Prompt as administrator. After this, you should press Windows Key + X altogether and then select Command Prompt as Admin from the list. If Command Prompt begins, then type the following:

net stop wuauserv

Now, you should delete everything from



Here, you should go back to Command Prompt and then run the following code:

net start wuauserv

wuauclt.exe /updatenow

At last, you should close Command Prompt and then visit to Control Panel and then choose Windows Update.

6.  Change your System Locale:

You have to open Region from Control Panel. Then, you have to visit to the Administrative tab and then tap on the Change system locale button. Now in the Current system locale, you should check that English (United States) is selected. After this, you should hit on OK button to save the changes. Here, you have to tap on Apply and OK button in order to close the Region window. Just Restart your computer system. Lastly, you should Run Media Download Tool and then download Windows 10 ISO again.

With this above method, the user can solve the Error Message when updating Window 10. If the customer need any information relation to Windows, then they can visit to Microsoft via

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