If Critical_process_died csrss.exe Error! How to Fix it?

Sometimes, customers face this error of Critical_process_died csrss.exe Error. To fix this issue, you should update your driver and use a repair tool. For info, go to www.office.com/myaccount. In this blog, you will read the method to fix if Critical_process_died csrss.exe Error.

Method To Fix If Critical_process_died csrss.exe Error:

1. Uninstall Problematic Software/driver:

You should hit on Win Key + X at the same time and then hit on Device Manager from the list. Now, you need to find the driver which you wish to remove and then right-tap on it. Here, you need to choose Uninstall option. If you find this, then check the option Delete the driver software for this device and then press OK button. When you delete the driver, then you need to restart your PC.

2. Use Repair Tool:

If there are lot of errors in your PC and then you should use a dedicated tool like Restoro tool to fix everything. This tool has latest functional system files for PC and can replace the elements. With this software, the user can create a restore point before you begin the repair process and also enable you to restore the previous version of your PC.

3. Turn off Sleep Mode:

First, you should write power settings in the Search bar and then select the Power & sleep app. Now, you should visit to Additional power settings which are in the Related settings category. After this, you should find your current power plan and then tap on Change a plan setting which is next to it. Here, you should tap on Change advanced power settings. Next, you should visit to the Sleep section and just disable all the options. At last, you should click on Apply and OK option to save the changes.

4. Install Latest Updates and Drivers:

To install latest updates, you need to hit on Windows Key + I altogether to open the Settings app. Now, go to the Update & Security section and then tap on Check for updates button.

To install latest drivers, you need to hit on Windows key + X at the same time and then from the list, select Device Manager option. Now in Device Manager, you need to expand the proper category for the problematic component. Then, you should right-tap on the driver which you wish to update and then choose Update driver. Here, you should choose Search automatically for drivers. At last, Device Manager will download and install the compatible drivers for the hardware component.

5. Update your BIOS:

If in case, your BIOS is outdated then you will receive this message critical_process_died csrss.exe error. In order to fix this error, you should update your BIOS. And to update BIOS, you should go to your motherboard manufacturer’s website and then download the latest version of BIOS. Keep in mind while updating BIOS, you should take precautions to avoid damage to your PC.

With this above method, you can fix the issue of Critical_process_died csrss.exe Error. For more info, visit to www.office.com/setup.

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