How To Resolve Microsoft Office 365 Known Issues And Errors?

Microsoft Office is the popular suite but sometimes while using it the users face errors. To fix those errors, you should read the method to fix Microsoft Office 365 known issues. For help, go to or  

Method To Resolve Microsoft Office 365 Known Issues And Errors:

1. Microsoft Office 365 Login Issues:

Check Credentials and Change Login Format:

You can fix this issue, just by changing the login format.

The user can also encounter this issue because of Generic Credential with a Persistence set to Session. Hence, you should find the problematic credential and just delete it. For this, you should tap on Win Key + S at the same time and then input Control Panel. Here, you should choose the Credential Manager. At last, you should find the problematic credentials and then recreate them.

Recreate your Email Profile:

To remove Microsoft Office credentials and your profile. For this, you should open Outlook and then visit to File. After this, you should tap on Account Settings and then hit on Manage Profiles. At this point, you should choose Show Profiles. Now, you should choose your profile and then tap on Remove button.

After this, you should create a new Outlook profile. For this, you should open Outlook. Then, you have to visit to File and then tap on Account Settings. Here, you should tap on Manage Profiles and then tap on Show Profiles and then hit on Add. Next, you should input the profile name and then tap on OK button. At last, follow the directions to finish the account creation process. When you create a new account, then check the issue is fixed or not.

Update Office to Latest Version:

For this, you should open Office application. After this, you should visit to File and then tap on Account. Now, you should click on Update Options and then tap on Update Now button. Here, you will find Office will download all the available updates and just install it. When the updates are installed, then check the issue is solved.

2. Microsoft Office 365 Activation Issues:

Switch off Windows Firewall:

The customer can switch off the firewall through Control Panel. After this, you should input Windows Firewall in the Start search box and then open the Control Panel tab. Now, you should tap on Turn Windows Firewall on or off which is on the left side of the tab. At last, you should choose the option Turn off Windows Firewall.

Repair MS Office Suite:

First of all, you need to choose Programs and Features option to open the Control Panel tab. After this, right-tap on the MS Office suite and just choose Change option. It will open the Office diagnostic tool. Here, you should choose Quick Repair option in the window. Or, the user can choose the Online Repair option just to reinstall the suite. At last, tap on Repair button and then follow the directions of diagnostic wizard.

Reset TCP/IP in Command Prompt:

You should choose Command Prompt as Admin in the Win + X menu. After this, input the netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt command in the Prompt window and then hit on Return key.

With this above method, you can solve Microsoft Office 365 Known issues and errors. For assistance, hit on

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