Amazing Tips For Creating A Stylish Excel Spreadsheet

Many users use Excel application as it is easy to use but if the user has to create a stylish Excel spreadsheet then this is a very tough job. You can setup MS Office software in your device via If you create a beautiful spreadsheet then it will be pleasing to your eyes and also makes bugs more clear. Hence, in this blog you will read how to create a stylish and beautiful spreadsheet.

How To Create a Stylish Excel Spreadsheet?

1. Check out a Template:

If you don’t know where to start, then you should check out the templates which are available on the web. Just look at them.

2. Select the Right Font:

You should always choose a clear and a readable font like Arial or Calibri for creating an attractive and professional like spreadsheet.

3. Limit Use of Different Fonts:

Always keep in mind that two different types of font styles will help to differentiate between headers and text. But if there are many fonts then it will not look like professional.

4. Center your Title:

To create a professional spreadsheet, you should center your title for your spreadsheet. For this, you should use the “Merge Cells” or “Center Across Selection” options.

5. Start in b2:

To create some space in your document, you should leave row 1 and column A blank so that spreadsheet look neat and tidy and also easy to understand.

6. Bold your Headers:

As Headers is different from the main text, so you should bold them and this will make your spreadsheet easier to read.

7. Vary your Font Sizes:

For making spreadsheet easy to read, you should use a larger font size for headings and sub-headings. Proper font size will make your spreadsheet clear and easy to understand.

8. Align Text:

You should format your cells and also select the options which allow you to align your text according to your needs. Like you should text aligns to the left by default, and numbers align to the right and give them headings according to the table contents.

9. Create Space:

You can adjust the height and width of cells just to make your spreadsheet neat and tidy.

10. Leave Some Cells Empty:

If in case, your spreadsheet looks complex, then you should leave a row or column empty to maintain the breaks in the data. This will improve readability.

11. Use Color Sparingly:

You can use colors in Excel just to highlight the key rows or columns, to make your spreadsheet more attractive and easy to read. But remember, don’t overdo it.

12. Keep Dark Text on a Light Background:

If you are choosing colors for your spreadsheet, then you should select dark text on a light background, as this will make your spreadsheet easier to read and prints better.

 13. Add an Image:

In your spreadsheet, you can add a simple image like your company logo as this will make your spreadsheet professional and attractive.

14. Name your Worksheets:

You should name your worksheet as this will help to keep everything well-organized and in a professional way.

The above are some of the tips which help to create a stylish spreadsheet. For more help or support, you can contact the expert of MS Office through