Excel Filter to Save Time and Money

Microsoft Office is the famous software which is used for homes and businesses. It has amazing applications which make the work of the user easy. You can install this well known software through www.office.com/setup. It provide user friendly interface and it is developed by Microsoft. Its apps are MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook etc. It supports many devices like Window OS, Mac, Laptop, Computers and Android Phones. This software helps the user in formatting, editing, creating text document and making presentation etc. In this blog, how you can filter data in Excel.

Easy Method to Filter Data in MS Excel:

  1. Enter In The Search Bar: For this, first you have to add filters to your data. Then, you have to open the filter drop down and just click on the search bar. Now in the search bar, you have to type the name which you want to filter. When you do this, it will filter the entire values where word is presented. At last, you have to click OK button.
  2. Filter by Color: Filter by color is used to filter values. If you highlight some cells in the worksheet with color, it can be easily filtered out. For this, first you have to apply a filter to your data. Then you have to open the filter drop-down. After this, go to Filter by color and then you should choose the color for which you want to filter. When you click on the color, this will filter the whole cells with the red color.
  3. Add a Condition with OR: It works well with more than one situation. For this, first you have to add filters to your data. Then for the column where you want to filter data and after this, open filter drop down. Now you have to select go to and then choose Text Filters and then click on Custom Filters. Here you will see the window appears to select filters options. Now from this window you have to choose “contains” from both the drop downs. After this, in the input bar you have to type “name” and in second input bar enter “other option”. Now from the options button you have to choose “Or”. At the end, click on OK button.
  4. Pre-Defined Date Parameters: Here there are so many options where you can filter date. There are 21 filter options for dates. If you want to filter custom data, then you can use custom filters. Year to Date: This is used if you want to filter the whole data from the year starting to till date. All Dates in a Period: This is used to filter whole dates in a particular month or quarter.
  5. Filter Top 10 Values: First you have to apply filters. Then from the column where you want to filter and then open filter drop down. After this, you have to select Go to and then you have to select Number Filters. After this, click on Top 10. Then the pop-up window will open up. From that window, you have to choose the following things like Top or Bottom Values, Number of Values, and Type of Filter. After this, click on OK button.

These are some of the tips which help to filter data, for more details you can visit to the site of MS Office via office.com/setup.