How You Can Transfer Excel Contacts to IPhone Manually?

How You Can Transfer Excel Contacts to IPhone Manually?

If the user wants to access their Excel contacts to IPhone, then you should read this blog. But if you want any kind of support then just contact to the expert of MS Office via

Method to Transfer Excel Contacts To IPhone Manually:

Method 1. Import Excel Contacts To iPhone by Using iTunes:

For this, you should export contacts from excel to CSV format. Then, import CSV contacts into the Outlook application. After this, just synchronizing those contacts from Outlook app to iPhone by using iTunes.

1.Export Contacts From Excel:

First, from the menu you should click on the “File” option and then select “Save As” option. After this, click on the drop-down menu of “Save as type” and then select “CSV (Comma delimited)” format file type. Now, you should name the CSV file and tap on “Save” button. Here, you will get the confirmation box which prompts, you want to use the CSV file or not. Then, just hit the “Yes” button. You must remember the location of this CSV file as it will use it again when you import the contacts to outlook.

2. Import Contacts to Outlook:

You should open your outlook program. Then, follow this path: “File > Open & Export > Import/Export > Import From Another Program or File > Next”. After this, click on the “Comma Separated Values” from the list of various file formats and then click on the Next. Here in the opened screen, you should search for the CSV file which you have exported and then just double-tap on it. Just ignore the duplicate contacts and click on the Next option. After this, choose the folder where you want to import Excel contacts. Now, you should import Excel contacts in the already existing folder and click on the “Next” option. At the end, you should put a checkmark next to the name of the CSV file and then click on the “Map Custom Fields” option. At the end, you should tap on the finish button just to import Excel contacts into Outlook.

3. Sync With iPhone Via iTunes:

You should connect your iPhone with your PC just by using the USB cable. Then, you should start the iTunes app on your PC. After this, you should click on the iPhone device name which is there on the right side of the iTunes app. Then, you have to click on the “Info” tab from the horizontal menu bar. After this, you should put a checkmark next to the check box of “Sync Contacts With”. Here, you should select your email account in the Outlook to which you want to import your Excel contacts. Then, you have to click on the apply button just for transferring up the contacts to the iPhone. At this point, you should click on the “Sync” button according to the status of how the iTunes and iPhone are configured.

Method 2. Import Excel Contact To iPhone by Using iCloud:

For this, you should convert your Excel file into VCF format because the iCloud Application import the only file of VCF format.

 1: You should convert your XLSX file in the proper format. Then, you have to save your Excel workbook in the CSV format. After this, press the Win+R key and in the opened Run window you should type the word ‘Run’ and tap on Enter button. Here from the Contacts windows navigation bar, you should select the “Import” option. Now, you should choose the option for Comma Separated Value Field or CSV. Then, you have to browse on the folder path where the .csv file is saved. Just choose the CSV file and click on the Next option. After this, Map the appropriate fields and tap on the Finish button. At the end, select the Export option as vCard and then click on the Export button.

 2: First, you should log in to the page just by using your Apple ID & Password. Then, you have to click on the Contacts icon just to import contacts of the Excel spreadsheet into iPhone. Now, click on  the Gear Icon and then choose the Import vCard option. Here, from the folder path in which the VCF file is saved just click on the Open button. You will see all contacts will get uploaded. Then, in the iPhone Device you should open the Contacts Section. When the iCloud accounts synchronize with your iPhone device then you can see the converted contacts from Excel spreadsheet to iPhone.

For details, you should visit to the site of MS Office via

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