How You Can Use Microsoft Family Safety App?

Microsoft Family Safety App is available on Android and on IOS. It keeps your family safe online as well as offline. As it helps to secure your loved ones with physical and digital safety. With this app, your kids can maintain healthy online and offline habits. It gives you the information about your child like how he is using their phone, and their location. Through, this you can also set time limits on app use and also for game time. For enjoying the features of Microsoft Family Safety App, you have to install MS Office through This software helps the user in many ways and it used for home as well as for business purpose.

Use Microsoft Family Safety App:

For using Microsoft Family Safety, you should have Microsoft Launcher, Edge or Internet Explorer installed on their device. Secondly, you should add your child in your family group. Then you have to go to the Microsoft Family Safety page. After this, you have to sign in your Microsoft account. Now you have to select Create a family Group. For this, you have to answer a few questions like your region, how many children are there in the family, and also their ages. After you logged in your MS Account, you have to select Add a member to add family members to the group. If you want to add a new family member like spouse then you have to select Organizer. And to add a child, you have to select Member. Now just input your email address, and clear the Captcha code. After this, you have to select Send invite. In your Child’s account, you have to select Manage permissions. This will enable the organizer to set permissions under all the sections. Now your child will receive an email with the invite to the Microsoft Family Group. You just have to open the email and then you have to select Join Now. When your child joins the group, you just have to install the Microsoft Launcher app in their Android phone. With this, you can track your child location. In your child app permissions, you have to enable the Location setting. To enjoy the other features of Microsoft Family Safety App, your child must have the Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer installed on their Android Phones. You have to give some time to the Microsoft Family Safety App to sync with Microsoft Launcher App.

Monitor Your Mobile Usage With Microsoft Family Safety App:

From the Activity tab, you have to enable Activity reporting, and also Email weekly reports to me if you to receive their email updates. Now from the Screen time tab, you can control your child timing time to use their devices. For App and game limits, you can block the child from using that app or you can set a time range when they can use them. Content restrictions help you to manage what kind of content your child can access. You can either block or allow specific websites. Now on the Spending page you have to ask your child if they want to buy an app from the Microsoft Store. If they want to buy then you can add money to their Microsoft account. In Microsoft Family Safety, you can see the current location of your child.

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