How You Can Increase Google Storage Space for Free?

Normally, Google provides 15 GB storage space to each user on remote servers for free. Here, you can buy more storage space from Google. But there is a way to increase your Google Storage space for free and in this blog you will read the method. For more details about storage space in Google, you can contact to the Microsoft Support team via

Method To Increase Google Storage Space:

1.Check the Storage Space you have:

As you all know that Google connects all user accounts, so that they can access in their devices, like PCs, laptops, tablets, or phones. Hence, you must use the app in your phone to use backup services or you can access your hard drive which helps you to know how much exactly you got space. And also you can check it through your Drive portal or by going to the Google One portal.

2. Clean your Gmail account:

Gmail is the popular email service. But if the customers are using Gmail for years, then they should clear the junk from it. For this, you should open your Spam folder and then you should look at the several Spam emails list. Here at the top of the list, you should click on Delete all spam messages now. After this, you should confirm the actions.

Always keep in mind, Spam folder is a place where phishing emails goes. Hence, you should not open attachments or don’t click on links in these emails, as it might be infected with malware.

It is very necessary, that you should delete emails with large attachments. For this, you should open your email account. Then, you should type the following in your Gmail search bar: has:attachment larger:5M

Remember, you can replace 5 with any number as it represents the size of the file in Megabyes. Now, you should mark the emails which you no longer needed or you can click on Select all at the top. After this, you should click on the trash can icon. At last, you should open Trash folder and just delete everything which is located there.

3. Change Photos Storage Settings:

For this, you should go to your Google Photos page. Then, you have to click on cogwheel icon which is located at the top-right side of the screen and then click on Settings. At this point, you should click on High Quality option. Here, it will ask you whether you want to compress the existing photos, as this will increase Google storage space. If you wish to do this, then you should click on this option and then you have to click on Confirm button. Keep in mind that this method will take some time and then Google will inform you about the Compressing photos & videos to high quality. It gives you the notification that the process is being carried out.

If in case, the user is using the Pixel phones, then Google will allow the unlimited storage space for these device owners.

4. Delete Hidden App Files and Data on your Google Drive:

Most of the users don’t know that the Google keeps hidden app data in your Google Drive account. But if these files are not cleaned for long period, then it takes up a lot of space. Hence, you should clear the app files time to time. For this, you should open your Google Drive. Then, you should click on cogwheel icon which is located at the top-right side of the screen and then click on Settings option. After this, you should go to Manage Apps section. Here under each app, you should click on Options and then select Delete hidden app data. Here, you can also see the items which take the storage space on Google Drive and then delete everything which is no longer needed.

For help and support, you should contact Microsoft Team via

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