How To Free Up Space on Hard Drive on Window 10?

Sometimes, there is no space left on your hard drive. So, in this blog you will read the method to free up space on Hard drive. Easy way to make space on hard drive is to uninstalling the unnecessary apps or temporarily files from your hard drive. For more info, visit

Method To Free Up Space on Hard Drive on Window 10:

1. Perform Disk Cleanup:

First, go to Computer, and then right click on the drive which you want to clean up and then choose Properties. After this, you need to tap on Disk Cleanup under Properties window. At this point, just wait and calculate how much space you can be able to free. Now, you need to select the types of files which you want to delete and then click on OK. Here, you need to click on Clean Up System Files and then wait till the cleaner calculates everything. This will provide you more free space by cleaning some unnecessary system files. At last, you should go to More Options and then delete system restore data under System Restore, Shadow Copies.

2. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps:

There are some programs in our computer system which we’re not using. But these programs take too much disk space and so you should uninstall them as this will provide you with extra storage space. If you want to get rid of unused programs, then you should go to Programs and Features in Control Panel and then see which programs or apps you don’t use. Just uninstall the unnecessary software and then check for free space.

Keep in mind there is a column in Programs and Features which shows you how much space each program is using, so here you can calculate the space you’ll get when you uninstall these programs. But in case, if you cannot be able to see this column, then click on options button which is in the top right side and then select Details view. For details, visit

3. Run Disk Analysis and Defragment:

First, you should see what is using space on your hard drive and then analyze your hard disk. Here, the hard disk analyzers will scan your hard drive and show you every information about it, like what is using space of your hard disk.

When you scan your system with a disk analyzer, then this will show you the folders or files which are using the maximum space. You should delete the unnecessary files or folders and then you will see your free disk space will increase. After this task, you should defragment your hard drive and then check the list of best defrags tools for Windows.

4. Clean Third-Party Software Temporary Files:

There are some disk cleanup tools which don’t delete the temporary files from third-party software such as web browser’s cache. It is advised you should use third-party software. You can use CCleaner and just you have to download it, then run the analysis and this will remove all the unnecessary, temporary files from third-party software.

5. Find Duplicate Files:

Keep in mind that duplicate files also uses space on your hard disk. So, you should find and delete all the duplicate files and just free up the storage space for you. Here, you can use Easy Duplicate Finder tool in order to scan your hard drive for duplicate files and photos and then just delete them.

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