If Hard Drive Not Show Up in Window 10! How to Fix it?

In case, user finds the issue of Hard Drive not showing up in Window 10, then this is because Hard Drive is not initialized or it needs formatting. To fix this problem, you should update your drivers and check your disk is connected to Motherboard with SATA cable. In this blog, you will read the method to fix Hard Drive Won’t Show up in Window 10. For help, go to office.com/myaccount.

Method To Fix If Hard Drive Won’t Show up in Window 10:

1. Update your Drivers:

To update drivers, you should press Windows Key + S together and then open the Device Manager. Now in the Device Manager, you should choose the device which you want to update. Here, you should right-tap on it and then choose Update driver. The user should repeat this process for all the devices which you want to update.

2. Check Disk is Properly Connected:

First, you should check your hard drive is properly connected to your power supply and motherboard. If it is not properly connected, then open your computer case and check that you attach a data cable to the port on the motherboard and the power cable to the power supply. If your hard disk is properly connected, but it is still missing from your computer then move on to another solution.

3. Initialize the Disk:

For this, you should tap on Win Key + X together to open Win + X menu and then from the list, select Disk Management. If the Disk Management window opens up on your screen, then you will view the list of all connected hard drives. Here, you should find a drive which is listed as Disk 1, or Disk 10. At this point, you will recognize this drive as it is not initialized and just listed as unknown and unallocated. Now, you should right-tap on the partition and then choose Initialize Disk from the context menu. Next, it will ask you to select between a Master Boot Record (MBR) or a GUID Partition Table. It is advised you should select a GPT and tap on OK. After this, you will get back to the main window, where you will find that your new drive is listed as Basic and Online, but they will have unallocated space.

To fix this, you should right-hit on the stripped box and then choose New simple volume. After this, right-tap on your hard drive and then select New Simple Volume. Now, tap on Next button and just assign a drive letter. Here, you should format your new drive. You can select NTFS file system and just perform quick format. At last, Finish the process

4. Check Hard Drive appears in BIOS:

To check your Hard Drive, you should press F2 or Del key when your computer system boots to enter BIOS. In some cases, it is a different keyboard key, so you can also check your motherboard manually. When you enter BIOS, then search for your hard drive.

5. Connect Hard Drive to Different Port or Use Different Cable:

If there is a problem with a port, then you should open your computer case and just connect the hard drive to different SATA port in your motherboard.  If in case, this doesn’t fix the problem, then might be your SATA cable is broken. In this situation, you should get a new SATA cable.

Through this procedure, you can fix the issue of Hard Drive won’t show up in Window 10. For details, visit to Www.office.com/myaccount. #office.com/setup