How to Troubleshoot If IPhone Won’t Turn On?

In case, if the user find that their iPhone won’t turn on, then might be you have to buy a new phone. But the user can also use method to fix their iPhone. Hence, in this post you will read the method to fix the issue If your iPhone won’t turn on.

Method To Fix If IPhone Won’t Turn on:

  1. Charge Your iPhone Battery: To fix this issue, you should make sure your iPhone’s battery is charged. For testing this, you should plug your iPhone into a wall charger or in your computer system and just charge it for 30 minutes. After this, you should hold down the on/off button in order to turn it on. In case, your phone ran out of battery and recharging your phone doesn’t work, then may be your charger or cable is defective. In this situation, you should use another cable.
  2. Restart IPhone: If in case, charging the battery do not turn your iPhone on, then you should try to restart the phone. For this, you should hold down the on/off button which is located at the top right side of the phone for few seconds. If in case, the phone is off, then you should turn on. But if it’s on, then you will view the slider which offers you to turn it off. After this, you should turn on your phone. Now, restart it just by turn it off and then you should turn it back on.
  3. Hard Reset the iPhone: If in case, the standard restart do not solve the issue then you should try to hard reset it. And the hard reset is a restart which clears maximum device’s memory.
  4. Restore iPhone to Factory Settings: To fix this issue, you should restore your iPhone to its factory settings. And this will delete all the data and the settings on your phone. You can restore an iPhone by using iTunes, but if in case your iPhone won’t turn on, then follow this:

    You should connect your iPhone to a computer system with a cable and then just open iTunes. If the user can view the iPhone icon in the upper left side of the iTunes window.

    But if the user do not view your iPhone in iTunes, then it is in recovery mode by doing this.

    For iPhone 8 or later, you should press and then quickly release the Volume Up button.

    After this, you should press and then release the Volume Down button. Now, you should press and then hold the Side button so that you can view the recovery-mode screen.

    When your iPhone is in recovery mode, then you should hit on the device icon in iTunes.

    After this, you should click on the Restore iPhone button.

    If it asks, you want to back up your iPhone. Then you should do it, as you are wiping your phone.

    Now, a confirmation window will comes on your screen which will ensure you want to restore your iPhone. Then, you should tap on Restore if you’re ready and then just wait for the iPhone to restart.

    Lastly, you will find your iPhone clean and new.

With this above method, the user can easily fix the issue if IPhone Won’t turn on. If the customer need help in installing Microsoft Office in their Phone, then they can go to /