How to Make a Brochure in MS Word?

MS Office is the software which increases the productivity of every organization. It is developed by Microsoft and consists of many applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access etc. It can install through This software is used for many purposes.

In MS Word, you can create text documents, formatting, editing, create presentations, resumes, and brochures etc. In this blog, we discuss about how to make brochures in Microsoft Word. Brochures are also known as leaflets, booklets, and pamphlets. These brochures are used for the promotion of business or charity event or play store. The brochure should be made which capture the attention of the reader. You can create brochures in MS Word by using template or from scratch.

To create a Brochure from Template:

You can create a brochure in MS Word from template, first you have to select the File option then go to New. After this, you have to search for the Online Templates text box, then type Brochure and press the Enter key. Here, you can choose the style you want and select create to download the Template. This will open the Template in New Word Document. Then select the sample text in any section and after this enter your custom text. After this, replace the sample text throughout the Template. If you want to customize the sample text you should change the color, font and size of the text. But if you want to change the image then select the image, right click on it and select Change Image. After this, change the location of the picture which you want to use. Go to the Image and select Insert. But if you want to change the color theme of the template then go to the Design Tab. After this, select the color drop down arrow and select the theme. When you finish the customization then save the changes you made to the document. If you want to print the double sided document, then go to the printer documentation.

To create a brochure in Word from Scratch:

If you want to create a brochure in Word from Scratch, first you have to change the document’s orientation. First, you should go to Layout Tab and then select Orientation and go to Landscape. If you want to add a second page for the double sided brochure.For this, you have to go to the Insert Tab and in the pages group. Now, choose the blank page. Then you have to choose number of columns. For this, go to the Layout Tab and you have to select columns. If you want to create a bi-fold brochure then choose Two or Three to create a Tri-fold brochure. Now if you want to format the text, select the text and go to Home Tab. Then choose a font, font size and color and add a bulleted list or numbered list. Now select the location in the document where you want to place the image. For this, go to the Insert Tab and select Picture. When you finished your customization, save the changes in the Brochure. If you want to print double sided document then refer to the printer documentation.

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