How To Fix Google Meet Your Mic is Muted By System Settings?

If the user is facing the issue that their mic is muted by system setting in Google Meet. Then, the user must read this method to fix if your mic is muted by system setting. This issue occurs because of outdated device driver, if your mic is muted, or if there is a issue with the mic hardware. But if the user still face problem, then go to

Method to Fix If Google Meet Your Mic is Muted By System Setting:

1. Unmute Mic In Settings:

If Speakers Turn Muted:

You should double click over the speaker icon which is located at the lower right side of your PC. Now, you should tap on the speaker icon for unmuting it.

If Microphone Turn Muted:

You should open your Control Panel. After this, you should hit on the Sound option and then tap on the Recording. Now, you should double-click over your microphone name which is located on the recording device’s list. Then, you have to click on the levels. At this point, you should tap on the microphone icon as it will change the icon from muted to unmuted. Here, you need to hit apply and then OK button. At last, a yellow exclamation mark will get disappeared from the Participant list and this shows your microphone/speakers are not muted from the computer settings.

2. Troubleshoot Mic is Muted By System Settings:

Unmute In Volume Mixer (Windows):

For this, at the right side of the PC, you will find an audio icon. Now, you have to right-click on that audio icon and then choose “Open Volume Mixer”. Then, you will view the volume control which is appearing on the list. In case, the volume is muted then you will view a red circle sign with the slash on the volume icon. Here, you should hit on icon for unmuting a specific device. For assistance, tap on

Check Microphone Properties (Win & Mac):

For Windows Users:

First, you have to right-click on the audio icon located at the lower-left side of the screen. Now from the context menu, you should select the Sounds option. Then, you should go to the Recording tab located at the top section. Here, you should select for your default microphone device and then tap on the Properties button. After this, you should Browse for the Levels. At this point, in the volume icon if you find the mic is muted, then you should click on it in order to unmute the microphone. Now, you should make a confirmation, and then tap on the OK option. Here, you should shut down the Properties.  At last for closing up, the Sound window, you should hit on the OK button.

For Mac Users:

You should hit on the Apple menu. After this, you should choose System Preferences and then click on Sound. Now, you should visit to the Input. Then, you have to select the right microphone. Here, you should drag the volume slider for adjusting the input volume level.

Through this way, the user can fix the issue if Google Meet your Mic is Mic is Muted by System Settings. For help, the customer should visit to site of Microsoft via