Guide: How to Resolve Outlook 365 Won’t Open Error?

Millions of people use MS Office suite and MS Outlook for their email management. Including numerous characteristics and many advantages it is the excellent email option in business and market, however, there are many issues connected with this Microsoft Outlook Email. Let’s talk about one of such issue like outlook 365 won’t open.

In some circumstances, when the user attempts to open the Outlook client, the software tries to run but rapidly stops or crashes. There are 3 possible causes why this occurs. Let’s discuss them with the solutions.

  1. MS Outlook Installation from is Corrupted
  2. Outlook Add-ins notifications are stopping Outlook from starting
  3. Other software is conflicting with MS Outlook
  4. MS Outlook Installation from is corrupted

3 possible solutions for this cause are:

  1. Run Outlook in safe mode: Go to Start menu and write “Outlook.exe/Safe” and click on Enter. This run MS Outlook without any of the additional customization data and add-ins that are loaded by default. And now if MS Outlook runs accurately in safe mode, the difficulty is associated to any of the add-ins or customization files.
  2. Repair Outlook Application: From Start menu, visit Control Panel then click on Programs, from the list selects Programs and Features. Choose the Outlook application and click on change and repair it. You can also repair MS Outlook Online.
  3. Adjust Outlook Profile: In Outlook, from File menu, visit Account Setting and click on it. On the Email, select your profile and tick on Repair. Follow all the instructions and reboot your device.
  4. Outlook Add-ins notifications are stopping Outlook from starting

Some Outlook add-ins can generate a wide variety of issues, which can popup notifying messages or trigger Outlook to not responding or freeze the screen or applications.

In Outlook, from File on the top left the menu and picked Options from the left-hand navigation. Now from Add-ins go COM and clear all checkboxes. Then, pick an add-in and click Add. Reboot your device, and recite this activity for all add-ins in the menu till you’re apt to recognize the cause of the issue.

  1. Other software is conflicting with MS Outlook

Do a particular startup to resolve if the software is conflicting with Outlook. When you begin Windows normally, many applications and services begin automatically and retain working in the background. Such software and services can conflict with Outlook. The Selective Startup Process, or “Clean Boot”, can assist you to recognize problems with incompatible software.

If you do the Selective Startup in System Configuration, you can set services and startup applications on or off separately to see if the difficulty happens the next time you reboot your device. If you choose the checkbox for a distinct service in System Configuration, it will work when you reboot Windows. If the checkbox is not checked, the service or startup program won’t run when you reboot.

Visit Control Panel, go to System and Security, then Administrative Tools, and click on System Configuration. If it will ask you an administrator password or verification, write your password or give approval. Choose the General tab and then selective startup. To start cleared the Load system services and Load startup items check boxes.

Now choose the Load system services check box, press on OK and Reboot your device.

If these all won’t work for you then contact MS Office support team at using the toll-free number or email id and request for support. Or you can chat with the support team using chat window.