How to Add MS Office Shortcut to Start Menu?

Microsoft Office is the software which is used in homes as well as for business purpose. This software is very easy to use and you can this software through Its application increases the productivity of the employees, employers, teachers, and students. It is used in formatting, editing, creating text document, and making presentation. Their applications are MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access etc. You can easily manage your emails in MS Outlook. It gives user friendly interface and compatible for the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptops and Android Phones.

Sometimes Microsoft Office shortcut misses from the “Microsoft Office” folder of the Windows Start Menu’s. But if you want to add Microsoft Office program shortcut back to this folder then you need to follow 2 steps.

Add MS Office Shortcut to Start Menu:

  1. Create Microsoft Office Program Shortcut:

 For this, first you should go to Windows Start Menu then go the Computer in Windows 10, and then click on File Explorer. Then a window will open on your computer screen. Under “Hard Disk Drives” in Windows 10, “Devices and drives”, you have to click “OSDisk (C:).” After this, go to “Program Files (x86)” and then go to the “Microsoft Office” .This folder contains all the files of Microsoft Office programs. The Files are labeled as name.exe . The following are the specific file names for Microsoft Office programs:




Publisher: MSPUB.EXE


Here you have to right click on the file for the program and then a pop-up menu will appear on your screen. From here you have to click on “Create shortcut.” Then you will see a message window which asks you to place the shortcut on the desktop. Now you should click on Yes.

2. Add Microsoft Office Program Shortcut to All Programs:

For this, first you have to click on the Windows Start icon. Then you have to right click on “All Programs.” Then you will see the pop-up menu appears on your screen. Now from the pop-up menu, you have to click on “Open All Users.” Here a window opens. Then just go to the “Programs” and then visit to “Microsoft Office.” After this, just click and drag the shortcut which you have created in step 1 in the open folder. If window need administrator permission, then you should click “Continue.” Then the User Account Control window will open. Here you have to type the administrator password and click on Yes. The program shortcut will go into the folder. Now, in the folder, you have to alt-click the program shortcut which you just moved to rename it. It will ask for the administrator password again, just fills the same password here.

For more information, just go to the MS Office official website i.e.