How to Resolve “One Note Need Password to Sync this Notebook” Issue?

Basically, One Note application is the digital notebook which is used to save, sync your notes and share your notes with others. The user can install this application through  But some users faces problem like One Note Need password to Sync this Notebook. This error occurs when the user open One Note application and the synchronization have stopped and the changes which you made on notes do not appear on other device. Hence, in this blog you will read the solution of this error.

Causes of One Note Need Password to Sync this Notebook” Issue:

The causes of the error are if One Note account glitch, if in case Window credential stores corrupted data, and also due to VPN or Proxy interference. The reasons of this error are if SharePoint URL is not added to the list of trusted site and if there is corrupt Office installation.

Solution To Fix One Note Error:

  1. Re-Sign With Your One Note Account: First, you should open the OneNote application. After the application is fully opened, then you should click on your name which is located in the top-right hand side of the screen. Now, you should click on Sign Out. Now at the Remove Account prompt, you should click on Yes option to remove your account and then sign out of this Office application. When the procedure is finished, then come back to the top-right hand side of the OneNote window and then click on Sign In. After this, you should add your Microsoft email, phone number or Skype, and then you should add the password to sign back into the OneNote application. When the procedure is finished, then check you are still facing the error or not.
  2. Remove Account Through Credential Manager: For this, tap on Windows + R key to open up a Run dialogue box. Then, you should type ‘control.exe9’ in the text box and hit on Enter key to open up the classic Control Panel interface. When you are in the classic Control Panel interface, then you should use the search function which is in the top-right hand side just to search for ‘User Accounts‘. Now from the list, you should click on User accounts. When you are in the User Accounts menu, then just click on Manage your credentials. When you are in the Credential Manager, just select Windows Credentials which is on the right. After this, just go down and then click on the entry which starts with Microsoft Account. In this, click on Remove option to remove the Microsoft account credential. After this, restart your computer. Now, open OneNote once again and then click on the Sign-in button and sign in with your account once again and just check the issue is resolved or not.
  3. Repair Office Installation: You should open the Run dialogue box just by clicking on Window + R key. In the Run window, just type ‘appwiz.cpl’ and hit on Enter just to open up the Programs and Features window. When you are in the Programs and Features window, just scroll down the list and find your Office installation. When you locate it, just right-click on it and then select Change option from the context menu. After this, you should select Quick Repair from the list and then click on Repair. Now wait till the process complete. After this, restart your computer and check the issue is solved or not.

The above method help to solve One Note need Password To Sync this Notebook issue. If you need help, then you can contact to the technician of MS Office via  

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