How You Can Encrypt Emails in Outlook?

Basically, Email encryption is the process of hiding the content of your email messages so that unwanted email contacts cannot be able to read it. It will be good, if you encrypt all emails as they contain sensitive information. In this blog, you will read how you can encrypt email in Outlook. For details, just go to the official site of MS Office via

Types of Email Encryption in Outlook:

Basically, there are two types of email encryption in Outlook. One is PGP/ MIME and the other is S/ MIME. Both, Receiver and Sender must have the same type of encryption so that the recipient can decrypt an email which the sender encrypts.

In PGP/ MIME email encryption,  the recipient should have both public and private encryption keys, and the sender must have the public key. It uses a decentralized and also the distributed model of trust. In this, the Web-based email clients are easy to use. It needed a third-party tool which is not supported by the email clients.

Other type of email encryption is S/ MIME. In this, the recipients must have received one signed email from the sender. This type of encryption is easy to maintain. It selects the encryption algorithm and also the key size from a centralized authority. It is difficult to configure, if you use internet-based email providers.

How you can Encrypt Email In Outlook 2016?

You should open your operating system and then just click on the ‘Start’ icon. After this, you should go to File option and then drop-down the ‘Options’ tab. Then, expands its options and just click on ‘Trust Center’. Now, you should select the ‘Trust Center Settings’ option. At this point, you should find ‘Email Security’ option and then press on ‘Get a Digital ID’ tab. At last, you should select ‘The Type of Certification Authority’ which you want to receive.

Now, you will get the ‘Digital ID’ in the form of an email message. After this, you should download the certificate and follow the method how to encrypt email in Outlook.

First, you should open Outlook 2016 and then go to the ‘Tools’. After this, from the drop-down, you should click on the ‘Options’ tab. Now, you have to select the tab of ‘Security’ and then open it. Then, you have to enter your ‘Name of your choice’ if you have to fill the ‘Security Settings Name’. After this, you should select the ‘S/MIME’ option as the ‘Types of Email Encryption’ which is next to the ‘Secure Message Format box’. Now, you have to check the box, ‘The Default Security Setting’. At this point, you should click on the ‘Certificates and Algorithms’ and then from the drop-down menu, you should select the ‘Signing Certificate’ tab. Here, you should click on the ‘Choose’ tab and then select ‘Secure Email Certificate’ option from the ‘Select Certificate box’. After this, select ‘Send these Certificates with Signed Messages’ option and then click on ‘Ok’ button. At the end, you have to click on the ‘Save the Settings’ option just to complete the process and then back to your Outlook home page. Finally, you have created a Digital Signature in your email message. This will not appear by default, if you want to attach them just follow the procedure.

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For this, on the homepage of ‘Outlook’, you should go to the ‘New Message’ and then click on it. After this, you should click on the ‘Tools’ and then expand its options to select ‘Customize’. Then, you have to press the ‘Commands’ tab and then drop-down its ‘Categories list’. And you should select ‘Standard’ option and then click on the ‘Digitally Sign Message’. Here, press the listing to your toolbar, and just add your digital signature. At the end, you have to click on the ‘Encrypt Message Contents and Attachments’ and then drag it to the toolbar.

The above method helps to encrypt emails in Outlook. For more information about the application of Outlook, visit to the site via