If Outlook Keep Asking For Password! How To Troubleshoot it?

MS Outlook is the best email client for business communication but the user sometimes face issues while login. So, in this blog you will learn the solve Outlook keep asking for Password. For technical support, contact MS Office expert via Office.com/setup

Method To Fix If Outlook Keep Asking For Password: Office.com/setup

  1. Remove Caches And Cookies From Browser: You should close Outlook and then go to the ‘Start’ option. After this, you should open the ‘Control Panel’ and then go to the ‘Credential Manager’. Now in the ‘Windows Credentials’ and ‘Generic Credentials’, you have to choose login credentials. Here, you have to right-click on ‘Details’ and then select ‘Remove from Vault’ option. If the login credentials are deleted, then you should exit from ‘Control Panel’.
  2. Fix Your Corrupted Outlook Profile: You should go to the ‘Control Panel’ folder and then click on the ‘Mail’ tab just to open it. After this, you should select ‘Mail Setup Outlook’ and then select ‘Show Profiles’. Now, you have to select the ‘Add’ button and then select ‘Outlook’ to add a new Outlook profile. Then, you have to Tick the option of ‘Prompt for a profile to be used’ and just click on ‘Ok’. Here under ‘Create New Profile’, you should enter the ‘Profile Name’ and then click on ‘Ok’ option. In the new window, you should enter the details to finish the process:
    Your Name
    Email Address
    Re-enter the Password
    After you enter the details, you should click on ‘Next’ option. Now, your new Outlook profile is ready to function. At the end, you should click on the ‘Finish’ option and then check ‘Always use this profile’ option and press Ok.
  3. Check Outlook Login Credentials: You should Start Outlook 2016 and then go to the ‘File’ tab. From drop down section, you should select ‘Account Settings’. After this, you have to select and open your ‘Exchange Account’ and then click on ‘Change’. Now, you have to open ‘More Settings’ option and then press ‘Next’ option. At this point, you have to open the ‘Security’ section and then untick ‘Always prompt for sign-in credentials which are under the ‘User Identification’ option. At the end, you have to click on the ‘Ok’ button and then finish the process.
  4. Enable ‘Remember Password’: You should open Outlook version of 2020 and then go to the ‘File’. Now, you should scroll down the list and then select the ‘Email’ tab. In the new window, go to your Outlook email account and see where the details end, and then check ‘Remember Option’ and then click on ‘Next’ option.
  5. Update Outlook App/ Software: You should open Outlook software and then go to the ‘File’. After this, go to ‘About Outlook’ and then click on it. Now, you should select ‘Office Account’ option and then click on ‘Update’ option. From drop down the section, you should select the current update available and then press ‘Update’ button.
  6. Disable Antivirus: You should Start Outlook and then click on the ‘Tools’. After this, select the tab of ‘Options’ and then press on the ‘Other’ tab. Now, you should click on ‘Advanced Options’ and then select ‘Add-in Manager’. Then, you should uncheck ‘Symantec Antivirus Outlook Protection’ option and press ‘Ok’.

For support, just visit to the site of MS Office through Office.com/setup .

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