Easy Way To Edit and Modify PowerPoint Slide/ Template

If the user wants to edit and modify their PowerPoint slide or Template, then this is quite tricky and time consuming. Hence, in this blog you will learn the easy method to edit and modify PowerPoint Slide in MS Office. If in case user need support in modifying slides, then they can contact the expert of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

What is the Method To Edit and Modify PowerPoint Slide? Office.com/setup

Adding a cover slide and Changing background Image

Adding a cover slide:

First, you have to click on file and then you should click on new option. After clicking on new, then PowerPoint will show you all the available cover slides on your computer system. You have an option, you can choose from the available cover slides or Microsoft has also given its users a collection of cover slides which can be accessed for free in the application if in case, you are connected to the internet. For this, you should use the search bar to browse from the available cover slides. Now, in search bar you should type a phrase/keyword which suits your purpose and then press enter key. Here, you will see the List of templates; you just have to select the best. Remember, you can also choose from the categories. After you select your template, just click on it. When you complete it, just click on create option.

Changing background Image:

1: Right-click to Directly Change the Image:

You should right-click on the background image and then select the Change Picture option. At this point, you can select the picture from your computer system or you can also download the background images which you want.

But if you find, the theme has multiple animations then you should change the picture by using the Selection Panel.

2:  Selection Panel to Add Image:

First, under the Home tab you should click on the Select dropdown menu. After this, from the drop down menu you should choose the Selection Panel. Now, you have to Isolate the picture just by tapping on the Hide option. When you find the right image, then right click on the background and just select Change Picture. This is the best method to edit a PowerPoint theme.

Editing text:

For editing, you should click and then select the text which you want to be edited on your PPT slide and then just replace it with the content which you want to showcase.

Change the Location of your Text:

You have to click on the text which is to be moved and then you will see the selected text will be highlighted in dots. After this, you have to click on the dots and then move it accordingly. Here, you can also use the arrow keys of your keyboard just to move the selected text to the preferred location.

The above method will help you to edit and modify PowerPoint Slide/Template. For more information about PowerPoint application, you can visit to the official site of MS Office via www.office.com/setup