How to Get Rid Of Microsoft Store If It is Blocked?

If the user find that Microsoft Store is Blocked, then you should not be able to look for apps and download them. The user can fix this issue by enabling the app from Group Policy Editor. In this blog, you will read the method to troubleshoot If Microsoft Store is Blocked. For help, just go to Microsoft Office via

Method to Troubleshoot If Microsoft Store It is Blocked:

1. Open Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter:

First, the users have to write troubleshoot in Windows search and then choose Troubleshoot settings from the results. Then, you have to tap on Additional troubleshooters from the right side. Now, you have to choose Windows Store Apps in order to press Run the troubleshooter button. After this, the users will go through resolutions in the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter. Lastly, you should follow the steps to complete the troubleshooter.

2. Delete Microsoft Store’s Cache:

You should press Windows key + R at the same time in order to start the Run app. Now, you have to write wsreset.exe and then tap on Enter or OK button. Here, you will see the reset will take few settings and then again the Store will open.

3. Turn on Microsoft Store from Group Policy Editor:

First, you should press Windows + R together, and type gpedit.msc and just hit on OK or Enter key. Now, you should go to the following path on the left sidebar:

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Store

Then in the right side, you have to find Turn off the Store application policy and then Right-click on it and just choose Edit option. If you find the setting is Enabled, then you should modify its feature to Not Configured or Disabled and then just tap on Apply and OK option. Lastly, you need to Restart the PC for the changes and then again open the Store app.

4. Reset Microsoft Store App:

You need to press Windows key + I at the same time in order to begin the Settings app. Then, you need to tap on Apps. Now, you should find the Microsoft Store app and just click on it. At this point, you should select Advanced options. Here, you have to scroll down and then tap on the Reset button. Remember, this will delete all the app’s data, preference and then sign-in details.

5. Use Different User Account:

You need to press Start button and then hit on Settings option. After this, you need to choose Accounts and then tap on Family & other users. Then, you need to choose Add someone else to this PC option. Now, you should hit on I don’t have this person’s sign-in information and then tap on Add a user without a Microsoft account option. Here, you should enter the account details in the text boxes and then tap on Next button. At this point, you should Restart Windows if you set up the new account. Lastly, you need to log in to the new user account.

With this method, the user can fix the issue if Microsoft Store is Blocked. But if the users need any details, then visit to the site of Microsoft through

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