If Microsoft Team Calls Not Ringing! How to Fix it?

Microsoft Team is a collaboration tool, through which you can communicate efficiently. But sometimes user find problem like Microsoft Team Calls not ringing. Hence, in this blog you will learn about the solution of this problem. For help, the user can contact to the customer care of Microsoft via Office.com/setup.

Method To Fix Microsoft Team Calls Not Ringing: Office.com/setup

1. Check Microsoft Teams Call Settings:

First, you should click on your profile picture which is located at the top of Teams. Then, you should click on Settings and then select Calls. After this, you should ensure the setting for Always ring on this device even when active on desktop is checked.

2. Verify Quiet Hours Settings:

For this, you should enter into your Teams client. After this, you should go to Settings option and then click on Notifications and then select Quiet Hours. At this point, you can set start and stop times for particular day or all days of the week. You can remove any of the previously made changes just by clicking on the switch which is next to Daily quiet hours.

Normally, workers have their PC and mobile with MS Teams app. But if both of them rings, if a call come then this will create a problem. And also if you are out of office, and you don’t want any interruption by a Teams call then in the Teams mobile client you can set quiet hours for yourself, so that it doesn’t ring your mobile phone.

3. Remove Microsoft Teams Blocked Numbers:

For this, you should click on your profile picture. Then, you have to go to Settings and select Calls. After this, you should select Manage blocked numbers under Block calls. At this point, you can get access to all any numbers which you’ve blocked or you can remove them from the list.

If in case, you want to view and manage the numbers which you’ve blocked then you should follow the above method. Through this, Microsoft Teams calls work again.

4. Check Microsoft Teams is Up-to-Date:

You should start just by clicking on your profile picture which is located at the top of the app. Then, you should select Check for updates. Updates will help to maintain the health of the app.

5. Ensure you are Connected to Internet:

You should click on your profile picture which is located at the top of Teams. Then, you should click on Settings option. After this, you should tap on Update and Security option. Now, you should select Troubleshoot from the left-side menu. Here, you should scroll down and then click on the Internet Connections option. At this point, you should click on Run the troubleshooter. Next, you have to follow the on-screen instructions just to complete the process. At last, you should Restart Teams and then just check if the issue still persists or not.

The above method will help you to fix Microsoft Team Calls not Ringing Issue. If the user want any help or support, then they can call the customer care of MS Office via Office.com/setup.