How to Create A Flyer With MS Word?

How to Create A Flyer With MS Word?

Microsoft Office is the well known software available in the market. It is used in all the organization, homes as well as for business purposes. You can install this great software through This software provide user friendly interface to its customer. Its well known applications are MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Outlook. MS Word is the word processor which helps the user to create document. Paper flyers are used for spreading information in the public, and it is the one-page documents. You don’t have to make it fancy but it is important that this paper flyer must attract attention of the people and its lays out should be simple and clear. In this blog, you will read how to create a flyer in MS Word. 

Create a Flyer in Microsoft Word By Using Templates:

MS Word provides you ready-made templates so that you can easily customize a flyer. To get these templates in Word, you have to go to the File tab and then you have to select New option. Now under the search bar, you have to select Flyers. Here, you have to browse through the free flyer templates in Word and you can easily find a design which you like. After this, you have to choose a template which you select from the available options. Now you have to select Create option. If you want to change the text, then you have to select it and then just type the new information. If you want to change the image, then you have to right-click the existing one, then you have to select Change Picture. Now in the Insert Pictures dialog box, you have to select From a file. You have to browse to an image on your computer then you have to select Insert option. If you would like to change the color or another design feature of a content box, then you have to right-click on the box and just select the menu items to alter the element. If you want to delete an unwanted element, just select it and then press Delete button. After this, Save the flyer, then you have to print it or you can send it in an email message.

Create a Flyer in Word for Mac:

 You can easily create a flyer in Word for Mac device with the templates. For this, from the New Document screen, you have to type flyers in the search bar. You can also select New from Template from the File menu or you can press Shift+Command+P key on your keyboard. After this, you have to browse the templates to find the one which you like. Now you have to select the template which you want, then just you have to select Create. Here you have to add your text over the placeholder text. Now you have to adjust the text color and size. Once you complete the flyer, just print it and save it to the hard drive, the cloud, or a flash drive.

Through this process you can create a Flyer with MS Word. For details, you can visit to the official site of MS Office through

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