How To Resolve If Microsoft Word is not Activated?

If the user find that there MS Word is not activated then they should first check that there subscription is valid. And for more help, visit to In this blog, you will read the solution of Microsoft Word is not Activated.

Method To Fix If Microsoft Word Hasn’t Been Activated:

1. Check Your Plan:

First of all, you should visit to your Microsoft services page to check that your plan has expired. After this, you need to scroll to the bottom and then find the Help with Microsoft Account section. Now, you have to Read up on options such as recurring billing to automate payments just at the end of each plan. Then, you need to Scroll to the top of the page and just select your subscription under the Microsoft 365, Office 2019, or Office 2016 heading according to your purchase. At last, you just have to follow the prompt in order to renew your plan or select a new one.

2. Check your login credentials:

First, you need to Sign in with the email address which you used to purchase your current Microsoft Office plan. Then, you have to login to your Microsoft Account and then go to your Services tab. If you enter correct email address, then you will see your Microsoft Office subscription. Now, you have to open Microsoft Word and then press Alt + F. At last, you need to go to Account and just double click on it.

3. Check Installed Versions of Microsoft Office:

You should go to Control Panel and then double click on Programs and Features. After this, you need to uninstall all versions of Microsoft Office but you should leave the latest one untouched. After uninstalling, you should reboot your PC and then login to Word in order to check the activation status.

4. Streamline your Computers date, time, and time zone settings:

You need to close all Microsoft Office applications. Then, you have to go to Settings and then go to Time and Language. Here in the Date & Time menu, you need to turn on the Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically options. Keep in mind your time should be updated to the time zone in which you’re. If you do not want this, then turn off the set time zone automatically option and then manually select your time zone.

5. Troubleshoot Microsoft Word:

For Microsoft 365 users, you need to download the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant. After this, just run the downloaded .exe file and then hit on install option. And the install do not offers any customization. If the program executes, then it will prompt you to log in. Now, you need to enter the email which you have used to purchase Microsoft 365. At last, you need to follow the prompt to troubleshoot.

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The above method helps to resolve the issue Microsoft Word is not activated. If the customers wants help, then visit MS Office via