How you can Download Hindi Fonts to Microsoft Office Word?

Microsoft Office is the popular software nowadays because it completely satisfies the need of the current generation that is why some people call this software a major player. This software basically includes many applications for the convenience of the people like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Outlook etc. And all these apps have different functions. You can install this software through Now this software is also available on Android Phones, so you can easily perform your office task anywhere anytime. This software also comes up with the feature of cloud storage where you can take and store the back up of all your data online.

In Microsoft Word, sometimes you have to use Hindi fonts. The Office suite comes up with the international fonts. You can modify your Office suite by adding universal font support as this will give you access to Hindi fonts in Microsoft Word and other Office apps. You do not have to download from third party apps. In this blog, you will learn how to download Hindi fonts in Microsoft Office Word.

Download Hindi Fonts to Microsoft Office Word:

For this, first you have to open your Windows Control Panel. Then you have to go to the bottom right side of the computer screen, and just click on the “Settings” charm, and now you have to choose “Control Panel.” After this, just Click on the “Programs and Features” option, then under this program and feature option you have to click on Program option to see the list of all of installed applications. Now scroll down to your Microsoft Office. After this, you have to click on the Office entry and then just select Change option. Now just wait while Office setup and install tool. Here you have to select the button which is next to “Add or Remove Features” and then you have to click on the “Continue” button. Here just click the “+” button which is next to “Office Shared Features.” After this, you have to click on the “+” button which is next to “International Support.” Now you have to select “Universal Font” and then just click on Continue button. Now the installation process is begins. During the process, it can ask you to insert your Microsoft Office disc.

This process will help you to download Hindi fonts to MS Office word. If you are facing any kind of problem, then you can call the customer care executive of MS Office through You can also visit to the site for details.