How to Delete Notebooks in MS OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote is the great application of MS Office, developed by Microsoft for organizing personal and professional information. You can install this application of MS Office through In case, you do not want OneNote Notebook, then how you can delete Notebooks. As OneNote stores all their Notebook files in OneDrive. In this blog, you will read how to delete Notebooks in MS OneNote.

Find the Notebook you want to Delete:

For this, first you have to open your web browser. Then you have to go to Now you have to select Sign in option. Here, you have to Sign in with your Microsoft, work, or school account username and password. After this, you have to visit to the apps list and then just select OneNote app. Then you should look for the notebook in the My Notebooks list. In case, you see the notebook which you want to delete, then you have to delete the notebook in either OneNote Online or OneDrive. But in case, you don’t see the notebook, then you should sign out, and then again sign in with your other accounts.

Delete Notebooks in OneNote Online:

 If you want to use OneNote Online to delete a notebook, then for this first you have to open a web browser and then you should sign in Now, you should visit to the apps list and then just select OneNote. Then in the right side of the page, you have to select Manage and Delete option. After this, you should select the Documents folder. Now you should click on the notebook which you want to delete and then you should select the check box. After this, you have to select Delete option. If you by mistake deleted a notebook, then you should select Undo. You can use another way to restore a notebook is to go to the Recycle bin, and then you should select the notebook, and then just select Restore.

Delete a Notebook Which You’ve Synced to Your Computer:

If you sync OneDrive to your system then you’ll find shortcuts to your notebooks. In order to see these shortcuts, you have to open File Explorer, then go to the OneDrive folder, and after this, just open the Documents folder. Or you can select the OneDrive icon in your System Tray and then just select Open Folder. You cannot be able to delete these OneNote shortcuts. But if you want to delete OneNote notebooks, then you should go to and then just delete the notebooks from your cloud space.

Delete a Notebook From the OneNote List

First you should open the OneNote desktop app. And then you should select Show Notebook List. After this, you have to right tap on the notebook which you want to delete from the list. Then you have to Select Close This Notebook. In case, you cannot be able to view the notebook in the list, then you should select More Notebooks.

The above method helps you to delete Notebook in OneNote. If you want more details, then just visit to the site of MS Office via

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