How To Troubleshoot MS Office Auto Update For Mac Not Working?

Microsoft Office is the trusted and popular software available in the market for the benefit of the computer user. You can simply install this software by going to its official website through This software is used on all the gadgets like Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptops, and Android Phones. But sometimes the users face issues, so in this blog you will read the solution to resolve MS Office Auto-Update for Mac not working.

Solution to Resolve the Microsoft Office Auto Update Not Working in

Basically, the best way to resolve MS Office Auto Update Not Working in Mac is to check the updates first and then install it in your device. First, you have to open an Office Application like Word or you can also open any other application of Microsoft application like the PowerPoint or one-note. After this, you have to look for the menu which is located at the top of the screen and then you should find the “Check for updates” and then you should run the latest version of Microsoft auto-update tool, and you should do this step for several times till then the update will not come.

 In the other step, you should automatically keep Microsoft update so that the Microsoft app always remains up-to-date. It is necessary that you keep the Microsoft app up to date so that you can get the latest security fixes and features improvements as they are available just to protect your Mac Device from threat.

Here, you will see the window will pop up and start the download of the update and then just install the available update for the Microsoft update.

In case, you want to know more details about the each update then before installing it, you should click to the arrow which is next to the update button and then review the apps, its version and its installation date. And after that click on Update all or you can click on update next to the individual app.  

Now you can go for the Microsoft Office installation. In case, you want to fully uninstall auto Update from your Mac.

 Remove Microsoft Auto Updater from Microsoft Auto Update:

 For this, first you should download the OSX software from the official website and later you should launch the OSX Uninstaller. Then, you should select the Microsoft auto-update on the interface and after this, you should click to run the analysis button just to scan Microsoft Auto Update. Now, you have to select the Microsoft auto-updater and then you should click on the Complete Uninstall just to uninstall the specific software. At last, you should click on Yes option to confirm the uninstallation of the software. After the uninstallation process, you should do a quick restart of your Mac device.

The above method will help you to fix MS Office Auto-Update for Mac not working issue. In case, you need any kind of assistance then you can contact to the customer care executive of Microsoft Office anytime from anywhere. But for more information, you have to go to the website of MS Office via

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