How You Can Use New Office App for Windows?

How You Can Use New Office App for Windows?

Microsoft Office is the software which cares for its customer. They kept on introducing latest apps so that the work of the user becomes easier and faster. No other software has the capabilities like MS Office. It has lots of apps and all the apps perform different functions. You can install this software through New Office App is the improved version of Office App. In this blog, you will learn how to use New Office App for Windows.

Download New Office App:

If you have My Office app on your Windows 10 device, then you only have to update it from the Microsoft Store so that you get the latest version. But if do not have the Office app, then you should first launch the Microsoft Store app and then you have to search for “Office.” After this, you have to locate the Office app and then you have to select Install. Once you install, then you have to select Launch to start using the new Office app.

Office App and New Office App:


You can download for free in the Microsoft Store. You can overview of your Office 365 account, and get the access to your subscriptions, payments, and billing information. You will get quick links to your documents. You can launch any of the office apps.


The difference between the Office app and the new Office app is through new version of Office app you can connect to the free Office Online version if it does not detect the Office 365 apps.

Features of New Office App:

Through New Office App you can access your all Office files wherever it is stored locally or in the cloud. The most recently accessed files will be listed on the top of the list under documents. It also gives tutorial links for the Office Online products. You can share all your files with your Microsoft account, and it does not matter where you access the Office app. You can access all Office app from a single location. The Office app will also upload files to your OneDrive account whether the file is stored locally or in the Office Online app. For this you just have to select the file, and then you have to select Upload and open.

For more details or information, you can visit to the official website of MS Office through For customer support, call the customer care executive any time.