All MS Office 365 updates

The different kinds of software that you have worked each have their individual particular functionality. Though they are usually used in sequence and it makes a reason to join them in an office suite or productivity suite. MS office application suite is a set of software applications that are grouped together and are created to communicate with each other. Software typically involved in MS Office suite is MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Access, and MS Publisher etc.

All MS Office Versions get updates continuously and MS Office 365 also get frequent updates with the many latest features like bug finding, fixing, security issues, and many more. You have a chance to be updated with all MS Office updates online from MS Office 365 is one of the most successful product and business services software suite there and with sufficient cause.

Let’s discuss all the important updates about MS Office 365 here.

Update: Version 1805 – Build 9330.2087

Update date: 24th May 2018

This is a very small update to resolve the issue of MS Outlook crashing while working with iCloud extension. You can read more about this update from the official website select the blog or Office 365 update channel and from left navigation, choose May 2018.

Update: Version 1805 – Build 9330.2078

Update date: 23 May 2018

With this update, Microsoft announces so many minor features in MS Office Suite. Some of them are:

  • In MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint, you can with other co-authors
  • In MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint and MS Word, Voice Input has been included for so many reasons
  • In MS Word, you can use pen input to break or combine words or add a new line or add new words
  • In Access, for visualizing data, 11 new charts are added
  • In Visio, new diagrams like the Organization Chart, SDL and Brainstorming templates have added
  • In MS Outlook, you can more quickly share your calendars you can use them in your Outlook mobile version also
  • You can read the more detailed description in the official MS Office blogs available at

Updates: Version 1804 – Build 9226.2156

Updates date: 14th May 2018

This is a very minor fix of the issue of an application opening, this issue created when you see a pop-up launching an app in safe mode, you click on it and it fails to start.

Update: Version 1804 – Build 9226.2126

Update date: 8th May 2018

With this update, Microsoft resolves various Microsoft Excel Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities and an MS Excel Information Disclosure Vulnerability. In MS Outlook, a Safety Characteristic Bypass Vulnerability is covered. In short, 2 Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities are resolved. This is a security-related update so it is better to apply it as soon as possible.

All updates are available in MS Office official website so you can read its blogs regular and update your version regularly. If any issues are encountered while you are updating your MS Office suite then you can contact MS Office support providing team online They are always ready to help you 24X7 at any place via remote access using Email, Call or Window chat.